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  1. Hi, just pulled out the Dolphin Bar to play some Metroid Prime. I noticed that i have to turn off my regular Bluetooth adapter to get the Wiimote to work while launching Dolphin via LB. When i start Dolphin without LB the Wiimote connects with the regular BT adapter left on. It is just a minor inconvenience but maybe there is a easy fix for that. Any ideas ?
  2. No need to apologize, glad that people spend the time to make nice things like this 🙂
  3. You guys are the Best ! Thank you very much 😃
  4. Thx for the reply, as soon as i click on the "yes migrate media" option, LB throws a Error screen. As soon as i close that error window, LB hangs for 5-6 seconds and crashes to dektop.
  5. Hi, while in the audit screen i was trying to bulk edit games, changing the platform from one to another. I was using the move media to new platform option as well. Every time i edit more than 2 games LB crashes on me. I attached a debug log. Sorry for my bad english.Debug 2020-11-16 08-09-01 PM.log
  6. Looks interesting, but it produces an error at startup.
  7. smackm

    Reset Favorites

    Worked like a charm. Thx a lot, have a great weekend 😀
  8. smackm

    Reset Favorites

    Thx fot the fast reply. Iam not talking about playlists. I was talking about browsing within the platform (Big Box). All the games i falgged as favorites show up first in the gamelist within the platform while browsing ( favorites, numbers, A,B,C so on). Games that are favorites dont show while browsing within its respective letter, wich is intended cause it is favorite flagged. I just want to pursue a diferent way seting up my favorites, thats why i want to know how to remove the favorite flaggs from all the games an easy way and not doing it for hundret of games by hand. I know my question i
  9. smackm

    Reset Favorites

    Hi, is there a way to completley reset all favorites across all platforms, meaning taking the favorite flag away from them. Reason is, looking for a game alpabeticaly and it is not showing up in its respective letter ( because it is favorite flaged ) is kind of confusing, cause it is only sitting in the fevorites list while browsing in Bigbox. Or is there a way to show the games both within its respective alphabetical section of the letter plus the favorites section ? Sorry if iam missing something obvious.
  10. Now that you mention it, i was having the same problem with overlays on my retropie setup. I am getting old and forgetful 😩 Thank you for refreshing my memory 😄
  11. Iam having a strange problem with game overlays for super famicom, setup via the bezel project. The overlays are not showing no mater what i try. The romset has the the right name ( no intro ), picture type and size format. Everything is pointing to the right path and is set inside retroarch in the overlay section. All other systems work fine. Iam stomped.
  12. What ever you did worked like a charm, started up right away. Thx a Jason.
  13. smackm

    Merry Christmas

    Merry christmas to all of you. A big thank you for keeping Launchbox the very best frontend of all times ! Seasons greetings from Germany.
  14. I found the the settings.xml but didnt know what lines to edit so i used a backup settings file. Everything is back to normal. Thanx for the help 🙂
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