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  1. My new permanent startup Video, love it. Thx for your hard work 👍
  2. Hi, is there a way to remember the the last viewed position, or game, of a Platform list when exiting LB ( not Big Box ). So when i start LB back up it jumps back to the position within the Platform list ? Something like a bookmark.
  3. Solved it myself, with copying a ton of files and editing some .xml files.
  4. Hi, first of, kudos to the Devs and the awesome community for making Launchbox the great program that it is. I've been tinkering around with LB for almost 2 years now, so i put a lot of work into setting it up and when done not playing any of the games 🙂 I currently have an older version of the eXoDos collection setup in LB. A while ago i stumbled upon a new version of eXo. The new pack is already setup with LB. So i have two separate Setups of LB, one my main, with a bunch of different systems and the old eXoDos, and a LB setup that came with the new eXo pack which only contains the DOS platform. So my question is, is there a way to merge the new eXo pack into my main setup ( containing the old eXo stuff ) ? Thx in advance.
  5. smackm

    Copy Game Profile

    Will try it , thx :-)
  6. smackm

    Copy Game Profile

    Hi, is there a way to copy a gameprofile from one Platform to another. Example, i have a DOS Platform Profile and a ExoDos Profile. What i want to do is to move a game profile from ExoDos to the Dos Platform. Thx in advance.
  7. Got a little problem, iam importing DOS games from a other Frontend to LB. Iam copying the paths from the other Frontend into LB and it works for 90% of the games but with some games exit right after DOSBox starts. Since iam just pointing paths from pre setup games that work in the other Frontend, i dont know what im doing wrong. Any ideas ?
  8. Worked great for me, good tutorial. Thank you very much for your hard work and sharing. Just a question, is there a way to bulk edit the games to play them not in widescreen aspect, without editing the dos box confs by hand?
  9. Thx for the alle the help on my issue. Iam very excited to see what exo and Jason are coming up on with this. I just hope that i dot have to download the 350 gb Libary again :-)
  10. Hi, i just downloaded the eXoDos collection ( took 2 days ) and played arround with it for a little while. I noticed in the frontend that came with it ( meagre), that there is a option to "export to launchbox". It is looking for a .XML file. I dont know which .XML file i need to piont it to and what does it actualy do ? Iam just affright that it will mess up something in Launchbox. I have found some stuff on the froums, but im just to new to all this stuff to understand everything , sorry
  11. smackm

    DFend import

    Thank you for the tips and help, iam trying to get as many platforms into LB at the moment, to cut down on all the frontends i have currently running. LB is the best ive come across so far.
  12. smackm

    DFend import

    Thx for the quick answer, so the right way is to get the games into Launchbox then point the confs to each game ? Will the . prof files work for that ?
  13. smackm

    DFend import

    Hi, is it possible to import configurations from DFend into LaunchBox without having to set up all the games and confs. I hab a big collection in DFend most games with MT-32 setup ect. Took me a long time to build the database. And by the way, LaunchBox is amazing, the program the community and the updates are comming very quick. Best money ive spent in a long time.
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