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  1. do you know what controls the blue highlighter around the box prefrably the width of the blue border
  2. cheers bud, ill have a go making the theme with that one, unless there is any limitations that would stop me
  3. on the spacing issue, i noticed in the default theme the spacing in this view is perfect on evry shape box, which xaml is this
  4. happy birthday Neil, i remember when i hit 40 , i stood in front of the mirror then got a second mirror to check the top of my head, to see if my hair was still intact, luckily now i shave my head so know one will know when i go bald lol
  5. ooh one more thing while i have your attention, lol a bit further up on this page i spotted a cool looking view i wonder if this code from here could be used to create this view https://wpf.2000things.com/tag/scrollviewer/
  6. ah right, i did put a ticket in asking to see if height could sort of control the width and some kind of minimum spacing at present it seems like the width controls the height if that makes any sense (Not had weetabix today so brains num) ive been reading on the wpf stuff and wasnt sure if StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal" could be used to achieve this
  7. im not sure how your using ahk, but shouldnt winwaitactive be used in your script to wait for the emulator to load before switching the screens, not sure how it would work having it wait for various named windows, the ahk guys on there forums are pretty helpful though lol i keep reading your post, as i've never used ahk with launchbox so not sure how it calls it, but if possible have the ahk that loads with launchbox sleep then load another ahk to create the correct sleep, obviously both would need the exit command to close them both
  8. @Jason Carryea sure, i wasnt sure if it was a xaml problem, here's 2 screenshots ps2 spaced correctly and snes horizontal boxes overlaped ignore white bars at the top its a test i was doing which i havent removed
  9. Thank you, the biggest issue i have is the box overlaps on different sized boxes, i keep trying different nox style themes so we can have a bunch of views, but theres a few limitations at the momnet hopefully jason carr in the near future can get the likes of grid, grid with details and allow different themes on a system basis everything should work quite good. i tried dark13s date and clock in swf and that works pretty good to add to the theme , also weather but i think yahoo as changed something
  10. them players edge plus games seem to be poker style games
  11. can you name any ill have a look, ive searched players but it never came up with anything
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