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  1. I know I bought half my THX 1138 PC Gaming Rig from SCAN Edit : Updated PC Part Picker build but 450GBP is a bit too high as I still have to pay in Euros since am in Ireland.
  2. As usual thanks buddy. Cannot use the bundled cooler as it's an HTPC Low Profile Micro-ATX Case. As for 1050ti will look it up.
  3. Hi fellow Retro Monkeys. I am finally settled in Ireland with an awesome 500mbps connection and main Rig built and doing great for PC Gaming and everyday Work/Use. Now the time has come to build me a Retro Gaming only Micro-ATX rig. Nothing extravagant, just enough to run everything from GB all the way to GC/PS2 and maybe PS3 if emulator permits. Budget is less than 400GBP (I use Amazon UK). So far I have a build on both PC Part Picker and Amazon UK. I already have a 4TB WD Red NAS Drive for LaunchBox and ROMs. That's my limit for now. Use Poll to vote for best build, even though difference between the two is minimal at best, tell me what you guys think after voting. Thanks
  4. Hey guys long time... I finally am fully settled in new country of Ireland. Connection here is great so not more caps nothing. Great job on keeping Android version up to date @Jason Carr. Now that am settled and have my new rig up n running, I moved my 2TB of ROMs to an NTFS external USB drive but LB is not seeing them. What am I doing wrong here ? I put them in the /Android/data/com.unbrokensoftware.launchbox/files/LaunchBox folder deleted on nVidia Shield still nothing.. And import option won't see HDD, not that I can store all 2tb ROMs on Shield's 500gb storage LoL.... Whole point is to use that external HDD as my ROMs drive. Any help ? And why am no longer in Discord group ?
  5. Hey guys, I was recently given an old Diskless NAS Box, the WD My Cloud EX4 (Extremely Slow) but works well for my intended use. I labled it "Captain Slow" (Nodd to those who got the reference), I have yet to export my LaunchBox Library to it, but once I do, how do I get LB on Android to see it and games on it ? I dunno how to set it up as it has 3 HDDs inside a 500gb WD Black for my Android Phone Backup and DropBox, another WD Red with my Windows n Mac Essentials, and a blank 4TB WD Red which will be for LB on my nVidia Shield eventually...
  6. Ok, so having my games in one plce, in my case external 4tb drive worked. So am going to export all my current database to it and have it that way. Albeit it being a huge box, but better than using limited internal storage on my Shield Pro. Will be skipping MAME as it's too much of a hassle. Will be using external for some movies too as that won't affect LB in any way as long as Android folder is there with Game correctly exported Thanks @Jason Carr
  7. Question is @Jason Carr there's an option in the shield's settings where I can set external storage to kind of "replace" the internal one. What will happen to 500gb internal if I do that ? Will it be obsolete or will it have the main OS on it and only apps n games move to external ? Has anyone tried it ? Reason am asking is I have a 1tb Samsung T5 SSD I am thinking of using.
  8. I figured as much... Will try n get back at ya
  9. Hey @Jason Carr First lemme thank you for an awesome job on the Android front. I own an nVidia Shield Pro (Yeah the now retired version), I exported my games to root of a newly formatted NTFS drive, plugged it to Shield, ran LB, nothing... It won't see anything. I read your comment above pointing out that if the same file structure exists on both internal and external LB will prioritize the internal and won't look in both locations. I have some games exported to internal and now adding to external as I ran out of space on internal. My ROM collection is 3tb I am testing on an external 500gb to see if it's worth it using one of my 4tb drives... Help ?
  10. Planning on rebuilding LB on PC from scratch turning it into a tool to export to my Nvidia shield Pro. I am starting to love my shield again. That thing will never ever die... Thanks @Jason Carr
  11. I just read that he had mapped his drive to begin with. But I wanna add a new drive how to tell LBA that games n stuff are on external ?
  12. I have a question if I may, I own the nVidia Shield Pro 500gb (Discontinued), but as we all know, having LaunchBox our ROMs library might have gotten way bigger than 500gb (3TB in my case), so how to set up said library on an external drive to work with Android version that I will use on the Shield ? ETA didn't show us how in his recent video. Thanks, and sorry if question was already asked kindly be kind
  13. Hey. Loving this tool. Great job, very useful. But noticed that after updating RA clicking check for update again to make sure it updated keeps resulting in update available message. Bug? Thanks.
  14. Installed but they are not perfect. My games don't fit exactly inside. I dunno how to mess with RA to fix. My resolution is 2560x1440
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