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  1. Hey. Loving this tool. Great job, very useful. But noticed that after updating RA clicking check for update again to make sure it updated keeps resulting in update available message. Bug? Thanks.
  2. Installed but they are not perfect. My games don't fit exactly inside. I dunno how to mess with RA to fix. My resolution is 2560x1440
  3. Hey Nosh. Amazing work, just some info, how do I put horizontal in center of screen like in video. How do I set it exactly like in preview ?
  4. Ok, thanks for all the help brotha. BTW any Discord channel for LB ? Would love to join... Otherwise do you use IM ? If so Which if you don't mind
  5. Ok will do. How did you make RA dark ? I like it lol
  6. Wow! how is one to keep up with this stuff ? It's hard enough having to keep up with PC games let alone retro ones... How is one to update ROMs ? get an updated 200gb zip ? Not something I can do on caped Internet... Weird thing is I set default emu to RA with mame 2016 libretro core now almost 80% of ROMs run
  7. Example Altered Beast won't run.. You mean the games themselves are old ?
  8. I think it was part of a RaspBerry Pi 256gb RetroPie image took most my ROMs from there.
  9. I don't remember bro. Got it 2 moths ago got 1600+ ROMs...,
  10. I got the ROM set from arcade punks... Some work others don't. How to set to mame version ? I didn't understand ?
  11. Thanks for that but not all ROMs are working with that version flashes then back to LB only a handful ran. And yes got all bios files in system.
  12. Ok now some ROMs are working others if run through Mame itself give me error with system message. I am using regular MAMEx64 emu.
  13. Nope. I dragged n dropped a rom zip onto Mame it just flashes for a sec n nothing...
  14. Ok I closed RA and reloaded it a few times now it says present with a couple still missing like sk n other ones not needed... In process of re-adding Sega ROMs. What about MAME Standalone Emulator why isn't it working ? Does nothing as for RA mame 2016 libretro core it works fine...
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