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  1. Hey Nosh. Amazing work, just some info, how do I put horizontal in center of screen like in video. How do I set it exactly like in preview ?
  2. Ok, thanks for all the help brotha. BTW any Discord channel for LB ? Would love to join... Otherwise do you use IM ? If so Which if you don't mind
  3. Ok will do. How did you make RA dark ? I like it lol
  4. Wow! how is one to keep up with this stuff ? It's hard enough having to keep up with PC games let alone retro ones... How is one to update ROMs ? get an updated 200gb zip ? Not something I can do on caped Internet... Weird thing is I set default emu to RA with mame 2016 libretro core now almost 80% of ROMs run
  5. Example Altered Beast won't run.. You mean the games themselves are old ?
  6. I think it was part of a RaspBerry Pi 256gb RetroPie image took most my ROMs from there.
  7. I don't remember bro. Got it 2 moths ago got 1600+ ROMs...,
  8. I got the ROM set from arcade punks... Some work others don't. How to set to mame version ? I didn't understand ?
  9. Thanks for that but not all ROMs are working with that version flashes then back to LB only a handful ran. And yes got all bios files in system.
  10. Ok now some ROMs are working others if run through Mame itself give me error with system message. I am using regular MAMEx64 emu.
  11. Nope. I dragged n dropped a rom zip onto Mame it just flashes for a sec n nothing...
  12. Ok I closed RA and reloaded it a few times now it says present with a couple still missing like sk n other ones not needed... In process of re-adding Sega ROMs. What about MAME Standalone Emulator why isn't it working ? Does nothing as for RA mame 2016 libretro core it works fine...
  13. I put them there not detected. should I make a folder there what should I call it ? Line from RA config --> system_directory = ":\system"
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