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  1. --------------------------- LaunchBox --------------------------- LaunchBox is having trouble starting the setup application because it seems that another application (such as Dropbox) is using the file. Please try again or try downloading the latest version from the website to update instead. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- The file is not in use. I cannot launch the installer manually either. Windows reports it is not a valid application. Windows 10 Pro Build 19043
  2. they are by themselves afaik, i don' tuse them because they are usually bigger than the loadline(rpx) way
  3. i've only tried cotton on the ps1. maybe i should change that
  4. At least my game runs now. It only ran partially in SSF, but Retroarch/medbafen seem to have no issue with it
  5. OMG I really am an idiot, I forgot the Japanese bios in Retroarch. There really IS no need for SSF, but it's there if people want it.
  6. also add .wud and .wux in case someone zips those, even though wux is an already compressed format
  7. thank you for the 3 character addition required to make it work
  8. no Daemon Tools needed now and I can't get virtual shock to work in mednafen http://segaretro.org/X_Japan_Virtual_Shock_001 it doesn't even TRY to run
  9. see https://github.com/batteryshark/CHDSSF
  10. -f -g "FULL\PATH\TO\ROM\FILE" -f (for fullscreen) so Default commandline parameters -f -g
  11. aren't you pretty much always there anyway? lol
  12. so mine was just some weird fluke then?
  13. @Pacman56 thanks, see my edit
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