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  1. News! Well I now have mp4 video startup and shutdown fades working using RocketLauncher and plays smooth compared to using my previous LB method of playing videos. So now I can create animated video fades for LaunchBox/BigBox and much much more as well. I have various RL modules I had coded in the past that I will be going back and updating as well as creating new ones in the future. So many things to create .... So stay tuned!
  2. Thanks Jason for adding it to the old default theme works good! That was fast 👍
  3. I have created a category just for system and retro magazines as well as nested categories for each different magazine for the various systems on my setup and use the covers for my box art works really nice to be honest and looks good. I used a program that grabs the cover page from each magazine pdf (in bulk) and used those for my box art.😁
  4. Well guys with the current world situation and millions and millions out of work time will tell what happens.
  5. When do you plan on releasing the high scores feature for the old default theme? Thanks Jason appreciate all the nice features and hard work you guys are doing.
  6. Hi Jason, Yeah not fixed just did it again. VLC is the issue not WMP.
  7. Update: [ColecoVision] Startup, Shutdown and Pause Theme.
  8. @Jason CarrFixed the video playback in the game detail it looks like I switched it back to VLC and not doing it anymore. Thanks!
  9. Update: [Mattel Intellivision] Startup, Shutdown and Pause Theme.
  10. Update: [Magnavox Odyssey 2] Startup, Shutdown and Pause Theme.
  11. Update: [Fairchild Channel F] Startup, Shutdown and Pause Theme.
  12. Update: [Bally Astrocade] Startup, Shutdown and Pause themes.
  13. Update: [Atari Jaguar] Startup, Shutdown and Pause theme.
  14. Windows Media Player does not do it only VLC.
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