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  1. For all you Commodore 64/128 enthusiast I came across a C64 Basic cross-compiler (XC=BASIC) that you can do all your programming on your PC using Visual Studio Code as there is an extension for that and will convert the code to C64 6502 Machine Code and can be run on your favorite emulator. https://xc-basic.net/doku.php Also here is a YouTube video that gives you a quick look about it!
  2. WinVICE Slingshot News: Added ability to add different drive types per game (ex. 1541, 1571, 1581 ect ect.)
  3. I got a SUPER PIXEL Arcade Marquee – Wall Mount for Christmas this year giving me more things to do and design for my Man Cave. So with that said I noticed there wasn't a logo png image or gif animation (128x32 size) for the Commodore Max Machine so I created both. Enjoy! [Pixelcade] Commodore Max Machine.zip
  4. I have been working on a new feature adding support when using Cinemaware's Warpspeed cartridge in conjunction when playing your C64 game disks. This feature will autostart and run all your C64 game disks correctly now when using WinVICE! This is a feature that was missing when using fastloader cartridges within WinVICE and would launch but not run the games correctly now that issue is resolved using my launcher. I have only tested it with Warpspeed cart so far but it will auto-detect if your running that cart and launch and run your disk games correctly.
  5. Here is a screenshots showing you guys what the disk swap feature looks like:
  6. WinVICE Slingshot News: Added ability to play a mp3 or wav file when swapping disks (each disk can have it's own mp3/wav file or can setup a default for all games/platform)
  7. New code I am adding will allow you to have images assigned for each disk within the zip so when using the hotkey to insert a new or previous disk the launcher will know what disk your trying to insert and display the image you assigned to that making it easier to identify what disk you are inserting on top of it just looking damn cool! Yes it works with bezels!
  8. Slingshot News Update: Added ability to have custom splash screen (png image) when swapping disks per game so each game can have there own or use a default. Adding in also ability to have custom sound effects! using wav or mp3
  9. WinVICE Slingshot News: Added the ability to swap joystick ports automatically on per game basis. Added flipdisk support adding the ability to support multi-disks across all supported platforms. Note: All your supported platform games all must be in zipped format but nice for all your multi-disc and carts games because those will be zipped together.
  10. WinVICE Slingshot News: Added Commodore 128 Added Commodore Plus 4 Added support for autostart/run .prg filetypes for all the supported platforms
  11. Starting on Commodore 128 support tonight! Initially I have games up and running with bezels😁
  12. WinVICE Slingshot News: Added support for C64 Magic Voice! (Works with Gorf and Wizard of Wor)
  13. @C-Beats Include the ability to view them within LB/BB Pause as well😉
  14. WinVICE Slingshot News: Added support for sending SYS commands to WinVICE! Built-in 7z support. All games must be zipped in either 7z, zip or rar format. Note: With multi-cart/disc games both cart images or mutliple disc games need to be all zipped together.
  15. WinVICE Slingshot News: VIC-20 Multi Cart support added! (Note: For loading multiple cartridges that require 2 different memory addresses). Load/Save State support added for all platforms via LaunchBox\BigBox pause menu!
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