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  1. Watch Retro Faeran's videos when he builds several themes from scratch as he shows you what he is doing and explains it in the videos which is very helpful. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2C5q0Muy-ehYpZUIIdJ94Q
  2. Today I overhauled the instruction card and sound effects routine in my Slingshot Launchers so now you have the ability to have unlimited instruction cards!😁 In process I changed how the hotkeys work. You can now just assign a hotkey for the on/off, next, and previous options for your instruction cards with unlimited amount of instruction cards and sound effects you can have. Each card is assigned a sound effect if you wish or I added an option to disable that feature if you wish. Plays mp3 or wav files just like before. This new update will apply to all emulator Slingshot Launchers
  3. Sorry there are no links out there of ready to go active marquees in ahk for LB/BB. There are examples of how to embed videos in an ahk gui out there if you know how to code in ahk. Just search Google. I have active marquees coded and working currently in my slingshot launchers but it's still a work in progress.
  4. Active marquees works great just using AHK no need for Hyper Marquee to accomplish doing that.
  5. Also added a couple additional features for active marquees that you can either loop or once it's done playing will show the static regular marquee.
  6. Very exciting news!! I now have added active marquees so now you can play mp4 marquees (with or without audio)!! 😁
  7. I have added the ability now to save the screenshots in the following formats: bmp, gif, jpg or png.
  8. Today I am adding a new feature to my Slingshot Launchers. You can now assign a hotkey to take screenshots during gameplay! I also added sound effects when taking screenshots which you can use a wav/mp3 file. Initial test are working great and also all screenshots are date/time stamped and organized within folders as well. Currently all screenshots are saved as png files but plan to have different formats that you can save them as.
  9. Those looking for a watch and listen on a good documentary of EPYX should have a listen to this:
  10. Icons in the title bar for the import feature are still micro small. Yeah it's slightly better on startup but noway better than 11.8 was but helluva lot better than last beta haha
  11. Good catch .. yeah confirmed that as well. The other thing I noticed is the Icons for GOG/EPIC/WINDOWS Ect ect are very very small need a magnifying glass to see them in the window title bar. Populating Games is what takes the longest when LaunchBox starting up.
  12. At least I wasn't imagining itπŸ˜†
  13. One thing noticed is when Launching LaunchBox is very slow to start.
  14. For all you Commodore 64/128 enthusiast I came across a C64 Basic cross-compiler (XC=BASIC) that you can do all your programming on your PC using Visual Studio Code as there is an extension for that and will convert the code to C64 6502 Machine Code and can be run on your favorite emulator. https://xc-basic.net/doku.php Also here is a YouTube video that gives you a quick look about it!
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