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  1. Ok, I now added: Added ability to have 4 different sets of instruction cards. Added an option to allow the game to be paused or not when displaying instruction cards. Looking at adding built-in marquee support via Display Fusion which will allow for animated marquees with gifs or mp4's. I have it up and running but there is a slight delay after launching and exiting game before the marquee changes but it does work. Reason I was looking at an alternative is because I have a multi monitor setup with 5 monitors and LaunchBox built in marquee support does not work correctly with my setup and this does.
  2. I keep finding new things I can do with AHK and now I have Instruction Cards working within my code! Haven't added animations to it yet but that will be something I will be looking at soon. Added custom HotKey for turning on/off showing Instuction Card.
  3. Yeah could been a one off thing who knows ... computers 😆
  4. There is also a longer delay when switching between platform/systems from the launchbox menu as well than before.
  5. Now have: Atari 5200 support has been added. Atari XEGS supports has been added.
  6. Now have: Basic programs automatically load and run implemented! (Supports files with .bas format) Created a new config for setting up your basic programs. Implemented the following formats: .atx, .atr, .bas, .bin, .car, .cas, .dcm, .pro, .rom, .xex, .xfd, .wav
  7. Yeah this is Huge! I can't stress enough about the importance of having this ability. This weekend I discovered and found a bunch of new things with AHK I can do. Added some more new features as well: Separate config files for setting up Disk, Cart and Tape images. Keeps thing much more organized as well as having multiple games with the same name. Cleaned up the code. Things to do: Add Atari 5200 and XEGS support. Add ability to launch and run basic programs. This can be even more advanced with adding other programming language carts as well. More advanced Altirra options.
  8. Good News! Since learning how to pass variables to ahk scripts I been working on a custom launcher for the Altirra (Atari 400/800/5200) emulator. With great success I have the following setup and working within the Launcher script: Custom system settings. Per game settings. Cinematic fades for startup and shutdown and the ability to turn them on/off per game. No longer need to setup via Additional Applications in LB. Default Cinematic Fades for Platforms. So if a game cinematic fade is not found will look for a _Default video for both startup and shutdown. Works with LaunchBox Pause feature. Ability to select the following: hide desktop, taskbar and/or mouse pointer so launching from within LB/BB is seamless. Cartridge, Disks and Tape images all supported. All games and platform can be setup and configured via configuration ini file. Gives you more control over how to setup your games for Altirra. Custom location ability for your Cinematic fades. Easy setup in LB. Just setup as an emulator with a command line and that's all! No Plugins ... No RocketLauncher 😁 To setup each game you will need to edit the ini file using Notepad++ or any text editor. Altirra profiles feature support! Working on adding more features but currently all the above is working perfectly!
  9. Advantage over RocketLauncher modules that this has is you can code your module as ahk or compile it as an exe and it will still work.
  10. There are several more variables that can be passed that I forgot to mention as well. Started on my first RocketLauncher module conversion over to LaunchBox with Success!! Working on Altirra and will be able to have per game settings! Already have things up and running. This is so awesome and it works with my Cinematic startup, shutdown and LB pause screens. Basically now can have RL functionality without even using or needing RL all within LB.
  11. Yeah I been messing with this the past few days trying to wrap my head around it and today I finally figured it out after some testing and searching. My second attempt gets every possible variable you could need even just the drive letter where the rom was launched. I have many ideas now and one of them will be possibility of per game configs for any emulator. now that I got the variable hurdle out of the way time to get coding.😁
  12. Here is another example with even more variables you can get. Test Variable Passing v2.ahk
  13. Here how to pass variables to AHK via setup the AHK as an emulator. Test Variable Passing.ahk
  14. News: [Bally Astrocade] The Incredible Wizard cinematic startup, shutdown and pause screens. Bally Pin cinematic startup, shutdown and pause screens.
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