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  1. C64 Forever Slingshot News: Added support for Commodore 128, VIC-20 and PLUS4!!
  2. C64 Forever Slingshot News: Ok guys here is a couple video demo's showing you a new feature that I implemented to have a bezel offset setting so you can stretch the game to the bezel viewport window.
  3. Hey no problem. Thanks for the kind words always nice to hear.😁 Just a FYI this is not a plug-in it is just a extensive AHK script that you setup as an emulator to launch specific emulators to give them added features such as bezels, marquees, instruction cards and the ability to use cinematic video startup and shutdown screens on launch very similar to what RocketLauncher does however mine was made to work specifically with LaunchBox/Bigbox and it's features. So yes I made this as a replacement for RocketLauncher for LaunchBox/BigBox for myself but from what I have read in the past about what others here have said about RocketLauncher and there dislikes and wishing we had similar features for LaunchBox without needing RocketLauncher it only made sense to share it with the rest of the community. I just wanted to clear that up for anyone else that is reading this that it's not a plug-in those are different but I get what your saying thou.😉 I will come up with some better instructions just not sure when I will have that ready. In the meantime just post your issues here and I will try to answer and help the best I can.
  4. New feature I am adding in to my C64 Forever Launcher is a bezel offset so you can basically stretch the game to fill the bezel and remove that c64 outer border. Just tested it and it is working perfect!
  5. I purchased a long time ago C64 Forever 8 Plus Edition (https://www.c64forever.com/) and had created a module for RocketLauncher for such and wanted to convert that module over to my Launcher format too see if I can get that up and working in LaunchBox to play my C64, C128 and VIC-20 games. I can say I have fullscreen, bezels, marquees, cinematic fades and instruction cards all working with it now.👍 Also tested the ability to use freezer carts like Super Snapshot v5 and Action Replay carts with C64 disk and tape games and that is working as well! So I can add an option on per game configuration the ability to use freezer carts. Of course this means Amiga Forever will follow (https://www.amigaforever.com/) works very much the same as C64 Forever but for the Commodore Amiga platform.
  6. Thanks for the feedback and sorry you had troubles getting it to work.😬 The lack of good instructions (which I am not good at or like doing) and this mess of a forum post doesn't help matters. What I might do is delete the entire post and start over with better instructions in the form of a word document included with the Launchers than a long forum post on how to set it up and configure. Doing YouTube tutorials is not my thing and prefer not too thou that method would be better I'm sure but will have to think about it and what I might do. Actually when I first started working on my Altirra Launcher I wanted to create a GUI to configure every aspect of it similar to how RocketLauncher does with it's modules which was my inspiration to begin with. I actually did manage to create a GUI with AHK that did exactly just that and worked very good however I had so many changes to my Launcher that required me to redo the GUI which at that point thought would not be ready for public release and just using it for my own personal use. Maybe at some point will get back to working on a GUI for each of these Launchers but doing so takes a lot more work than I am willing to do for the community sorry this isn't a job for me where I am getting paid for my troubles so that may never happen.😂 I haven't heard from anyone else if they are having troubles (wasn't sure anyone even using them) with these or not granted Daphne is a much harder beast to setup (for some) but I always recommend getting it to work outside LaunchBox and my Launcher first so you know it works first then tackle setting it up in LaunchBox. Once you know how any emulator works and launching them via command line then using these Launchers comes a bit easier since really all it is .... is a FE that sends a run command with command line options that the emulator needs to run. Using AHK is a perfect tool for doing just that and more as you have seen from my YouTube videos showing what these Launchers can do.
  7. If you want to setup LaunchBox Pause screen to pause game while using the pause menu use these settings works with both Daphne and Daphne Singe.
  8. Daphne Singe Launcher pretty much done and working with all features!😁 Setup is the same as the Daphne Slingshot Launcher. I also including the one bezel I did along with a generic plain solid _default bezel as an example to get you going. What you want to do in the Slinshot.ini when setting up your paths is point the roms to the framefiles games .txt file. I highly recommend getting these working outside of LaunchBox first before setting them up with LaunchBox and my Launcher so you know that they work first. Daphne Singe Slingshot v1.zip Daphne Singe Bezels.zip
  9. Good to know but so far not seeing any issues here but then again I been just messing with my Launchers and they have no issues that I have found yet and are working fine so all is good😄
  10. What troubles are you having and with what platform Slingshot Launcher?
  11. Here is a demo of the Daphne Singe Launcher playing with bezel enabled!
  12. Working on Daphne Singe Launcher next ... which are the homebrew laser disc games.
  13. Yes each Emulator will have it's own Launcher. The Launcher is called Slingshot why they are in there emulator named folder within the Slingshot folder. You can't have just one Launcher exe for every emulator just way too much code and me a nightmare. Yes I will be re-doing the Altirra Launcher to have bezels and marquees in the future. That was the first emulator I started with when I created this Launcher and bezels and marquees were not in the plan yet.
  14. Just note that when creating your bezels you will need tot name them to what the framefile name is so for example my framefile for Dragon's Lair is lair.txt then the bezel needed to be called lair.png and lair.ini same thing with Cinematic Videos, Marquees, Instruction Cards and the Instruction Card Sound Effects. When you enable the perGameINI setting in the Slingshot.ini file it will automatically create/generate and name the ini file correctly for you.😁 Tried to make it as easy as possible.
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