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  1. Well ..... Looks like using Gifs work however when using them in my startup theme there is a slight delay 4-5 secs before the startup screen shows with the gif. If I use a gif without any animation the startup screen shows right away.
  2. His story tell it how he likes 🀣
  3. Yeah talked with JoeViking245 today on discord and got it working πŸ‘Very cool plugin!
  4. Will this display the hi-scores in LaunchBox as I did all the above and don't see hi-scores in LB Game Info box as I am checking games that have hi-scores saved such as asteroids.
  5. Did fix a minor issue with the gif code that I was using that corrected a small issue and now is working perfectly in my startup/shutdown themes Update: Now have Gif support added to my pause themes πŸ‘
  6. Krakerman


    There is a plugin for LaunchBox as well called WhootLauncher similar to RocketLauncher that can do bezels.
  7. I want to be able to launch this within xaml if possible: C:\Program Files (x86)\DisplayFusion\DisplayFusionCommand.exe -wallpaperloadprofile "Default" Is this possible to add within xaml in LB/BB? Also within that command line the quotes need to be included. I know already how to add it within LB/BB as Additional Apps but I want to embed this in my themes code if possible.
  8. Think your quoting the wrong post. Redream has nothing to do with Kronos and Sega Saturn.
  9. Got it working!! Thank you I see what I did wrong
  10. I am trying to get gifs to load from a platform folder and using the game name but doesn't work. Example: <Image gif:ImageBehavior.AnimatedSource="{}pack://siteoforigin:,,,/StartupThemes/LBFade/Images/Gifs/{0}/{1}.gif" RenderOptions.BitmapScalingMode="HighQuality" Height="{Binding ElementName=Canvas, Path=ActualHeight}" Width="{Binding ElementName=Canvas, Path=ActualWidth}"> </Image> I do have GIFs working just want to keep them organized within a platform folder and each game could have it's own gifs when launching the game. This code above does not work. This is for the startup theme. Here is what I do have that works: <Image gif:ImageBehavior.AnimatedSource="{}pack://siteoforigin:,,,/StartupThemes/LBFade/Images/Gifs/Atari 2600.gif" RenderOptions.BitmapScalingMode="HighQuality" Height="{Binding ElementName=Canvas, Path=ActualHeight}" Width="{Binding ElementName=Canvas, Path=ActualWidth}"> </Image> This works for fullscreen 3840x2160 gifs with transparent backgrounds 😁
  11. Damn! You da man πŸ‘πŸ˜ Works perfectly!! Thank you for all the help..
  12. How would I do that? and would it work as a per platform basis? So each platform could have a different image
  13. @faeran is there a way to use a say _Default background if the game background not found? So I would not have to create 600+ backgrounds per say for each game I could use a different default one for each platform and then that way I can create a background for certain ones within that coverflow view using your xml code you gave me. With your added xml it is always looking for each games background image if one not there this it diplays a black background which I want to use a custom _default image.
  14. haha I can't speak for the majority but for me a content creator per say I am working on and testing startup/shutdown and pause themes and doing so I run the games to test not to actually play so be nice to reset it once I finally finish them. Thanks for the plugin btw .... I was not one of those that actually been requesting it but is a nice feature to have and it works pretty good! Thanks
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