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  1. Can Anybody give me the official link to the FBA 10 gig Download Romset. I cannot find it "AT ALL" I know why you dont put it in the description of the youtube video but, yeah can I get the link here Brad?
  2. Yeah, mame is a headache In itself IMO. You have to have the right version of the rom with the right right version of MAME and sometimes a simple spelling error can prevent the genres from starting. Its crazy. I to look at some tutorials on the MESS stuff. I'm not too familiar with that.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I really appreciate the info. I will exam it deeply for sure. I need @SentaiBrad to just screenshot his Launchbox emulators list and everything will be right as rain. LOL. He has an incredible library.
  5. @alexis524 Thanks so much. That is perfect. And exactly what i am looking for. Thank you so oooooo much....
  6. Thank both of you guys. I appreciate it. @RetroArcade I understand u might only have rocket launcher. But what emulators do u have? U have alot?
  7. Hi guys, Been a minute for me. The only reason I havent been around is because I didnt have the system to do everything I wanted to do. but, I have been tuning in to every episode on the youtube and some of the live streams. But anyhow, The question I have is, Can I get a Emulator List from one of some of you good ppl? I know some ppl may have issues with this because they feel they are doing something wrong but, I dont see the issue really but, All I really need is a list of emulators from one of guys with an extensive Library. I dont need a list of games or anything like that. A picture of your Launchbox Emulators List would be fine; and it wont take up much of you guys time to take a screenshot or two. I just need a starting place and after that I can make my own decisions from that point on. I know some of you guys especially the older guys have knowledge on some older, classic systems that me (As a Younger Guy) Dont even know about. So A list would be awesome. and thats all I need. I will be back with more interaction for sure. Im just behind the curve because I am building a new gaming PC that will be perfect and will be my Emulation Monster!!! Thanks in advance to anybody who can help. - Thadoughboy15
  8. No problem. I understand. I really don't want to make it seem as though. I got ripped off. Its really my fault for not paying closer attention. I need to get more information on how to get the videos. I didn't mean to do anything obligatory to the site or anyone. But, Yeah, I might go about getting that refund. I will email jason maybe. I respect what is going on here. I love using the launch box interface it has really help me out a lot. Thanks for the reply. No harm was intended BTW. Have a nice day.
  9. I have been using Launchbox for a while now. After I almost literally pulled my hair out trying to configure Hyperspin. I love how easy the interface is to use and how cool the customization is, it's great. After watching the recent Big Box 6.0 update video. I fell in love with the new cover flow and layout options. But, What I really fell in love with the Videos that play under the boxes. I have been downloading complete ROM sets for a lot of consoles and I really don't know half of the games that are in these folders. I recently paid the $20 bucks for the premium edition but, I was severely shocked when i realized that the videos were not under my games like the one Youtube. So I soon found out that the videos dont come with the $20 payment but, they are implemented through a secondary site called EmuMovie. I have been really regretting my premium purchase because the only reason I got the premium was for the videos. I recently went to another site and I was able to download snap vids for all of my MAME Roms. Needless to say that took forever. So I can just imagine how long it going to take for my 800 SNES games. I need help from anybody that can help me. If there is anyway, some one could allow me to use their EmuMovies account or if you could send me a zip files with the emumovies I am looking for, or even tell me of a good alternative to EmuMovie, I could gladly help you out with a donation on paypal. I just really dont want to have to spend anymore money on this project, especially being that I was so disappointed when I purchased the premium. I know now that I should've asked before I made the purchase. But, Again, If anybody could help me. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much. Have a nice day.
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