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  1. One by niglurion should be included with your theme.
  2. That would have been my first guess too, but for me it is actually Platforms/Arcade/Device. I removed any arcade images in Themes/Metallic/Images/Platforms/Fanart as well. Any names will work.
  3. Hell yeah, I'm a sucker for the arcade stuff! Hard to find good quality images at the right angle though. Here's a couple for us to try out.
  4. This stuff looks a bit more like my own (yes, I have a centipede cab! ) Arcade Games (Centipede Cabinet) Nintendo Switch (Red and Blue) Super Nintendo (NTSC Version) [Edit: Niglurion already had one of these done in the "Alternate_Versions" zip. Here's a NTSC SNES jr instead]
  5. Xbox 360 slim variant below (thanks Tmack). Anyone have Commodore 64? I hacked one together but the games in the background are actually Amstrad 64 games.
  6. I had made my own PS3 art a while ago but figured this thread was dead and nobody else was using the theme anymore. Thank you guys, truly awesome stuff.
  7. Heh, yeah, it's a shame the theme hasn't been maintained. I managed to go through some of the code and to replace "Details" on the bottom left hand corner with "Notes," which can be written freehand and are easier to customize.
  8. Still a great theme. I haven't updated LB for a while now... if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Anyone know how to get NOTES to display for platforms? I have "Show Notes" selected but it's not working for any of the views, but when I switch themes I see notes show up fine.
  9. Can anyone help me set up my playlists correctly? I'm not sure if it is metallic theme specifically, or big box in general, but I'm having trouble setting the background image of playlists. For example, I have a pic of people playing lightgun games, but instead it is always overridden by the clear logo. Is there a filepath for me to place my pic in, or do I need to edit something? This is by far my favorite theme.
  10. I went back into big box and, ahem, scrolled through all of the different views. Not a single one of them remedied the issue. I am using the Metallic theme, which possibly disables a portion of the views. Can anyone confirm that they do in fact scroll under certain conditions? Is it possible to reopen a ticket considering this is still an issue?
  11. Hello, I love Big Box. However, I have always had an issue with my game details. Much of the information is too verbose to fit, causing ellipses in the bottom right corner. I noted that a ticket was created for this long ago, with high priority (https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/288/allow-scrolling-big-box-notes-text ), and that the issue was said to have been resolved. An option was added under game details in Big Box, to "Scroll Details," and I've always kept it checked hoping it would eventually start working for me. Alas...
  12. Sure, I'd be happy to make a ticket. I saw the suggestions button but it took me to an "Issues" page which seemed directed towards bugs and complaints. Mostly I would just like to see the front-end collapse when I activate an emu, and then reappear when I close it. Perhaps I am a specific type of user who puts their emus into windowed mode more than most, but I've been using Win+D (windows 10) to hide the front-end manually every time in order to multitask or look things up. By the way, I'm a paid user for xpadder too, and swear by it. I do prefer to do save states/automations such as exiting game by button combination. This is why BigBox appeals to me over Launchbox - the streamlined "console" feel to it. But its great to give users the choice and flexibility. Retroarch was a huge pain for me to set up, but it is awesome with respect to controller users. Having a blissbox and using the actual controllers is a real treat for me. I'm really surprised to hear that nobody else has requested music! To overcome some of that FOMO (fear of missing out), I enabled "repeat" for game music, but was saddened to hear it stop playing when backing out to other menus. Additionally, before anything is selected (and sometimes it takes a while before a game with music is selected), the silence is very noticeable to me. I've noticed I prefer to be treated to a familiar song on my Wii U or in a Virtual Console store over the silence of my PS3 menu, as well, so again just a personal preference.
  13. Hello, I've purchased a year subscription to Big Box and I absolutely love how slick it is. I'd really like to commend everyone involved with its development, truly wonderful. Setup has been quite straight-forward and problem-free, so I just wanted to echo a few others by requesting the ability to run Big Box in windowed mode. This really would be a great feature, particularly to help with easier setup (I know I've entered and exited the program many times), but also for those such as myself who often use emulators in windows and would appreciate less limitations from the front-end while in mid-game. There may be a script for that I suppose (to minimize the front end while applications are open), but I'm not the best at writing scripts. I would love to see a page or thread devoted to scripting examples if you have one. For example, is it possible to run a process other than the main application by adding code into the script tab? Lastly, it would be fantastic if there was a way to add background music to the front-end. Possibly a folder which users could place choice .mp3s to play at random or in order. I absolutely love the music when selecting games, and I can say I would love for an option to always have something of my choice playing. I can see how this might get weird while scrolling through games (then restarting songs), however it would be great even if the option was reserved for scrolling through options, platforms, filters, etc. Guys, thank you again. Keep up the great work and happy gaming. Mike Hornung
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