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  1. New Fields

    Im not sure if this has been mentioned already but it would be great to have a new field for fruit machines like you have for pinball machines as it would also help to keep the arcade game looking organised and tidy
  2. Moderation slow down

    yay peace has been restored to the galaxy
  3. Arcade suggestion

    yes but i was meaning updating the database itself would be easier if fruit machines had their own menu like the pinball
  4. Arcade suggestion

    if anyone has tried to sort out the arcade games menu will know it is a bit of a jungle in there , i would feel if you made a sub menu for the fruit machines it would make things a lot better
  5. Moderation slow down

    Ee bah gum i only posted a comment saying the modderation has slowed off a bit and now i have unwittingly generated a riot quick bring in crowd control and the water cannons lol
  6. Moderation slow down

    ahhhh mr bond good to hear from you again mate i will look forward to seeing a flood of new speccy games that need a 3d makeover yes it it sad about brad but what is worse is that launchbox seems to have gone very quiet ( no news vids or dev vids on you tube no tutorials NOTHING ) all seems strange
  7. Moderation slow down

    yes agreed it is sad about brad being fired but we all have to agree this is a brilliant emulator front end and it is worth the effort to build the database up although i do agree with @FistyDollars that you do see the same old things getting added and ten removed and then added over and over. I have relly noticed a big slow down on the modding as of now i have 1005 submissions awaiting rejection or approval and would very much seem to have been like this since brad was let go . Im sure the launchbox team believe they had their reasons ( which they may or may not want to go into with any of us lot) but i do think it would be nice for them to make a statment about this if just to clear up all the bad feeling surround their decision on brad ( well that my opinion anyway)
  8. Moderation slow down

    Is it me or does it seem that fewer people are moderating on the database in the last couple of days it is possible that moderators are on thier holidays etc but just thought it was worth mentioning
  9. Can anyone help me on box dimensions

    thanks anyway mate i have upped and few 3d boxes of about 3 sizes and they seem to be ok as i am not getting rejections on them
  10. I am leaving LaunchBox effective... well right now

    All the best to you brad it wont be the same without you my friend
  11. Need help with nestopia in retroarch please

    for me i am finding retroarch a pain to get sorted so i think i will find your tutorials most valuable
  12. Need help with nestopia in retroarch please

    @lordmonkus great video mate it helped me within a few mins of watching it
  13. Need help with nestopia in retroarch please

    @nadonate a huge thank you mate i have now got the nes working thnx to the 2nd video you posted
  14. Hi there i am trying to reduce my emulators down and just just use retroarch where possible but i have run into a problem with the nes using nestopia when i try to play a game on retroarch the cursor goes round for a bit and then nothing but if i go into retroarch and load content it works fine can anyone help me please
  15. Windows boxart changes

    i saw them when modding but i skipped them for 24hrs as i wasnt sure about them