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  1. Hi cid i would love to use the fanart background images in this theme but am not sure where i need to add this script could you advise me please
  2. Hi all i have been doing the floppy disk images as well as the 3D boxes and for my own collection i have been rotating the labels on the floppy disks so they all face the same way and just wanted to check n here to see if you would want them on the database s well ( to me i think they look neater but let me know please) Also im adding transparency as well
  3. here is some links to sites that are helpful to create 3d boxes http://editphotosforfree.com/photoapps/remove-background-from-image-online/# (for making images transparent) https://png2jpg.com/ (converting images to jpg) if you need any help etc drop me a msg 3D Box maker.rar Gimp Spine Templates.rar
  4. if you want links to the programs i use to make 3d covers so you can add some as well or add some 3d covers to the platforms that you are doing let me know and i will post them on here for you if @Jason Carr is ok with me doing so
  5. Hi there i am slowly going through the commodore 64 games and adding 3D boxes to the database ( which is a massive undertaking ) and i was wondering if anyone else would be willing to help me to complete them. If so send me a messege and i can give you a link to the boxart software i use and the settings im using so that the boxes all stay the same dimensions i also wanted to say a big thank you to the guy who is also working on the c64 games and is adding tapes and covers etc
  6. just thought i`d mention that the database is very slow adding artwork moderating artwork and even adding art to launchbox
  7. hi there the database will not allow e to add anything on there it just says an error occured
  8. i agree with you we do need a separate category or it will get like the arcade category which has fruit machines and quiz machines mixed in with arcade games
  9. in my opinion as we have no option for fan art 3d boxes it would be best under the 3d box option
  10. just writing to let you know that the moderation part of this site is broken and has an error on it
  11. fingers crossed enough people like the idea and maybe it might be considered in a future update
  12. no i was wondering if the marquee will be able to change on the theme itself
  13. @CriticalCid hi there just wanted to say your theme is excellent and was wondering if you had any plans for the marquee to be able to change various different marquees for different arcade machines
  14. not sure if this is what you want launchbox #2620 is that game
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