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  1. Unified

    fingers crossed enough people like the idea and maybe it might be considered in a future update
  2. Unified

    no i was wondering if the marquee will be able to change on the theme itself
  3. How do I find a Game ID in the database

    no problem glad i could help
  4. Unified

    @CriticalCid hi there just wanted to say your theme is excellent and was wondering if you had any plans for the marquee to be able to change various different marquees for different arcade machines
  5. How do I find a Game ID in the database

    not sure if this is what you want launchbox #2620 is that game
  6. Unified

    Excellent looking theme , i have never used a theme before but when i saw this one i had to have a go of putting it my launchbox .But i have a problem with it , i cannot get my platform / playlist videos to work with it , could anyone advise me what i need to do to get them to show please Ok i have worked out the problem it set on a different view and not showing the videos
  7. Database Moderators Needed ASAP

    @modjoo yes that would be me and yes agreed region can be added later on ( better to get the art on first) and other data can be added later which is what i have been doing on the zx spectrum ( game type released etc) sorry about the long list of covers but i have a lot of time on my hands at the moment and i find it relaxing doing this
  8. Database Moderators Needed ASAP

    @Timbo74 sorry about the confusion earlier you will soon have the moderation status , also working through the amstrad games will be a great help to all of us
  9. Database Moderators Needed ASAP

    ahhh i see what you mean @DOS76 ( sorry to everyone for the confusion) i forgot you have to meet the required status to moderate sorry i only started this post as i had some submissions that were waiting 3 weeks or so and i am not the sort of person to moan about the moderation not being done and not do it myself Total Moderations 227663 Total Approvals 224877 Total Rejections 2786 i do my bit to help too
  10. Database Moderators Needed ASAP

    @DOS76 it was just a polite request is all
  11. Database Moderators Needed ASAP

    yes i kinda thought so as it will not let you upload front or back without a region
  12. Database Moderators Needed ASAP

    excellent @Timbo74 the more help the better
  13. Database Moderators Needed ASAP

    yes afraid so as my images do not state region in the title and it would take me too long to look at each one individually before submitting
  14. Database Moderators Needed ASAP

    hi @moudrost we will take all the moderating time you can spare
  15. Database Moderators Needed ASAP

    thank you everyone for stepping up on the moderation today i have noticed my moderation list go down a lot unfortunately or fortunately ( whichever way you want to look at it ) i have had a bit of time on my hands and have uploaded a lot more 3d box art so if you could do some more moderating when you can it would be a great help