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  1. Hi @Jason Carr i was wondering if it would be possible to have a fruit machine menu on the database like we have on the pinball arcade machines as it is very hard to search for fruit machines especially games that share the same names as arcade games I.E donkey kong etc i feel it would really help and also would keep the arcade db tidy does anyone else on here agree?
  2. Quiz Machine Platform Video

    Hi has anyone made a platform video for quiz machines i have looked on you tube and searched these forums but found nothing
  3. A Problem On The Database

    looking all good so far well done @Jason Carr
  4. A Problem On The Database

    I have stopped adding anything to the database at the moment as i am not sure if the moderation list will be wiped and dont want to have to do it twice
  5. Why has the moderation queue exploded?

    there is a big problem on the db at the moment moderations has been down for quite some time now so there will be a big back log for some time i feel
  6. i am wondering if this current problem on the database ( moderation not working ) has something to do with the trolling that you are talking about
  7. A Problem On The Database

    i thought the moderation was working ok again as i also had the same one as you guys were saying about i rejected it and straight away the error was back
  8. A Problem On The Database

    sorry you are having problems too but glad it is not just me hopefully things will get sorted quicker
  9. A Problem On The Database

    no i havent but will try later on i am making the most of the down time to get my arcade games organised ( removing mahjong games etc )
  10. A Problem On The Database

    @alissongamer i think it is affecting some people and not others as my artwork i have submitted has been moderated but i myself cannot do any moderating .. I have sent jason carr a messege to hopefuly get it sorted but it is not as of yet been done for me
  11. A Problem On The Database

    @neil9000 ahhh ok mate suppose ill have to go and watch masterchef and talk to the missus
  12. A Problem On The Database

    @neil9000 ok i pm him so hopefully he will see it soon and get it fixed ps are you getting the same messege when you try and moderate?
  13. A Problem On The Database

    @neil9000 ok neil should i send him a messege or just wait til he comes online and sees the topic?
  14. A Problem On The Database

    Hi admins i have just recieved this error messege and thought id beeter let you guys know about it An unexpected error occurred while loading the page. The LaunchBox team has been notified about the error and will be fixing it shortly.
  15. Ferrari Startup

    great stuff it worked like a charm thnx