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  1. Hello thanks for the response , i just find that that was not my problem some time ago i changed the option from VLC To Windows media player because i found it was more responsive for browsing games in menu. Switching back to VLC made the screenshots appear again.
  2. Hello , In the past version of launchbox we could choose screenshots in videos priority for games not having a video available. The new versions of Launchbox show only videos in videos priority so themes don't show screenshot anymore when a game is missing a video. I am Using Criticallzone V2 Default Theme. Is there a new way to display Screenshots when a game video is not available in BigBox ? Thanks
  3. Hi there , also having controller issue's since 10.3 , I remember there was a tick box for using controller out of launchbox in windows or somethin that was there previously and that fixed some issue back then with this option On. It has been removed i think , Restarting windows seem to settle it. I am using Ps3 Controller with SCP Toolkit in Bluetooth. Controller plug unplug trigger the issue I think . maybe that previous tick box enabled all controllers to control Launchbox or something ?
  4. Hi there , having a minor background issue too , I have customs backgrounds for all platforms into the image/platform/system/fanart folder and everything show well in BigBox. What i'm trying do do is set a Generic Background in Standard Launchbox. I Unchecked Fanart Background Priority and choosed the Specific Background in options. The specific Background work well in Standard Launchbox but when i highlight a game it by default apply the Paltforms/System/Fanart Background i use for Bigbox. Any way to only have that selected background ? It look like Uncheaking the Fanart background priority skip game/fanart backgrounds but don't skip platforms/Fanart background.
  5. Yeah thats is what i meant, changing slot number on the pause screen instead of it always saving to #0 or loading the #0. Sorry Not 100% english here. As i understand this is not curently available.
  6. Ok , i figured it out , im using Retroarch and found that i had a "hotkey binding" enabled wich broke only the reset , save , load state options in the pause screen. Even if the key is not the same just having one enabled breack it. Which bring me another question.... Using the Retro arch hotkey was practical to change save/load state # without having to take an active key on game pads. Is there anyway to activate change save/load slot within the pause screen ?
  7. Hello there , i am having this issue with Pause Screen ; The "reset Game" option is not working it just resume game when i confirm it , working on your side ? ( Using CritZone V2)
  8. This seem something similar hapened to me too , when i switched to Playlist then back at Platform Category my Arcade Classics duplicated if i delete one or the other Evreything is lost they are linked. Any Hint on how to proceed ? Bug happened before updating to 9.0 But still there after update.
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