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  1. Not submitted to LB database, no entry could be found
  2. Submitted to LB database, posting these as I go incase someone else is helping with your post.
  3. submitted to LB database
  4. Submitted to LB database. Unfortunately Arkista's Ring, Power Instinct and Primal Rage are too low res / bad scans for my abilities.
  5. submitted to LB database
  6. submitted to LB database
  7. just use the 'unpack pkg' button here's the link to the program https://www.psx-place.com/resources/ps3-game-extractor.824/
  8. To get this logo I used a utility named PS3GameExtractor and found it in the INSTALL.PKG. Not submitted to LB database as I could find no entry.
  9. submitted to LB database
  10. submitted to LB database
  11. submitted to LB database, took me 4 hours for these two.
  12. submitted to LB database
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