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  1. Hey. It appears to be working. Apologies, I hadn't re-tested when beta2 arrived as I'd move to a manual m3u. Thanks.
  2. To be honest, I gathered it only created a temp m3u file. This is fine with me. The problem is, it's not working for me or @fromlostdays either way. I've done all the steps I described which seem to essentially the same as fromlostdays but it's simply not loading the game into RA with an m3u, temp or otherwise. I'm not sure what else can be done. It's imported correctly into LB, with multiple additional apps and m3u ticked on the core. I'm not massively concerned as I don't have a lot of multi-disc games (my games are currated) but it does point to the fact that LB's features are becoming so broad now (a good thing!) that a wiki of some sort is looking necessary.
  3. I've just checked this and the above script worked perfectly, should anyone else need it. Of course if you need to select a specific disc, and not just the next one, we're out of luck. Thanks for the help and the feature!
  4. So I've mapped "j" to OPEN/CLOSE TRAY and "d" to CYCLE DISCS. The current way of swapping discs in RA is to OPEN TRAY, CYCLE, CLOSE TRAY. So would that be: Send {j down} Sleep 50 Send {j up} Sleep 50 Send {d down} Sleep 50 Send {d down} Sleep 50 Send {j down} Sleep 50 Send {j up}
  5. I see. So it sounds like you can add items to the menu and associated a AHK with them? I fired off the Pause menu on a PSX game that was loaded using an M3U and didn't see anything in the default menu options.
  6. As per the title really. Would like to swap discs from the menu for PSX games in Retro Arch. Note: The latest versions of RA have changed the disc eject UI.
  7. Tested using Mednafen PSX HW core. M3U support is ticked on the Core. Have two CHD files: Parasite Eve (Disc 1) and Parasite Eve (Disc 2) LaunchBox detects them as multiple discs as it only imports one Game and has Disc 1 and Disc 2 as additional Applications. I've tried enabling the option on the Core with the game already imported into LB but I've also deleted it and re-imported it. It's just runs RetroArch with Disc 1 and the second disc isn't available. Tested RA with a manually created M3U for the same game and it works fine.
  8. Awesome, thanks Jason. I was a bit worried after reading some older searches that it would replace the previous emulator or something, so that's great.
  9. I'd like to have all my Arcade games under one platform but have different emulators per romset e.g. MAME, Demul, Model 2, Model 3 and Daphne. Is it possible to do? The same for DOS games using both DOSBox, an alt DOSBox and SCUMMVM. The only way I could see to do it when searching was to import all the ROMS and then do a bulk edit for the ones that need to be on a different emulator but that would be difficult to do with the amount of ROMs.
  10. Us devs totally feel your pain Jason and as always thank you for your hard work!
  11. Have to say I absolutely agree. The pause menu at a minimum should have save states, game help and an exit function in my opinion.
  12. Awesome, thanks Jason. I think it's something that has become more in demand in recent years as replica controllers are much more popular and affordable now so hopefully it will get a few votes!
  13. I tend to use an Xbox One controller as default and it works fine in Big Box (A select, B back) but I'm starting to also buy some system specific controllers. I've just got hold of the Retro-bit Mega Drive and Saturn controllers but the default mappings aren't great. A selects, but Y is back! I know this is how they're defaulted in Windows (bad choice by Retro-bit) but if I reconfigure LaunchBox keys for this controller, it also uses them for the Xbox One controller. TL;DR Can I have controller specific mappings in LB? Thanks
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