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  1. Awesome, thanks Jason. I was a bit worried after reading some older searches that it would replace the previous emulator or something, so that's great.
  2. I'd like to have all my Arcade games under one platform but have different emulators per romset e.g. MAME, Demul, Model 2, Model 3 and Daphne. Is it possible to do? The same for DOS games using both DOSBox, an alt DOSBox and SCUMMVM. The only way I could see to do it when searching was to import all the ROMS and then do a bulk edit for the ones that need to be on a different emulator but that would be difficult to do with the amount of ROMs.
  3. Us devs totally feel your pain Jason and as always thank you for your hard work!
  4. Have to say I absolutely agree. The pause menu at a minimum should have save states, game help and an exit function in my opinion.
  5. Awesome, thanks Jason. I think it's something that has become more in demand in recent years as replica controllers are much more popular and affordable now so hopefully it will get a few votes!
  6. I tend to use an Xbox One controller as default and it works fine in Big Box (A select, B back) but I'm starting to also buy some system specific controllers. I've just got hold of the Retro-bit Mega Drive and Saturn controllers but the default mappings aren't great. A selects, but Y is back! I know this is how they're defaulted in Windows (bad choice by Retro-bit) but if I reconfigure LaunchBox keys for this controller, it also uses them for the Xbox One controller. TL;DR Can I have controller specific mappings in LB? Thanks
  7. This is such a big deal for me. It's partly why I wrote my own pause system that I could trigger using the Guide button. So many people use Xbox controllers and it's the perfect button for it a) because it's what it was designed for on the 360 and b) because it's one button that wasn't actually on retro systems!
  8. Image of mix image attached above. I'd much prefer to have a black bar on either side than how it looks now, especially given that the edges are usually partially hidden by Big Box anyway. As it stands, the text at the bottom is pixelated and half cut off, and the box on the left is only a quarter visible.
  9. I'm using Skapers "mix" images instead of fanart as I find them more consistent. Problem is they're 800x600 and when they're loaded as a background in a Big Box theme or during the Loading screens they're enlarged to the width of the widescreen display which means the top and bottom are cut off. Is there a way to stop the images being manipulated and made to fit the screen?
  10. No problem Jason. Lots of developers in this community so we all know how it goes!
  11. Yes, that could work providing the Emu pause doesn't bring up a menu which should be fine with RA. The problem I had was that my menu system was xml based and could be nested so for example you could tap Down, Down, A to go to a sub menu and the Down, Down, Down, A to select an item (or B to go back). Meanwhile RA was still navigating its OWN menu using the same commands so when my menu was ready to fire off commands to navigate RA, the cursor could be anywhere! I may well revisit this if I get the time as it would have been pretty powerful.
  12. I actually wrote a controller based menu system that would pop-up and allow you to fire of key presses (and scripts) to background applications like emulators. The problem was that RetroArch would listen to the controller presses even when not the focused app so gave up on the project. I'd love to know how it's working in RL/AHK.
  13. Hi Jason, Yeah, I'm pretty sure most people will be happy with MAME and RA to start with! Wonder if it could be plugin or script based?
  14. All I want from my pause screen is the ability to load and save game states!
  15. Just to clarify. Is it intended that pause menu will allow loading and saving of states? If so that will be amazing and I could probably get rid of RocketLauncher. Does anyone know if bezel support (another RL feature) has been requested/is likely?
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