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Vidsnap Scraper 0.4.8

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About This File

DISCLAIMER: Use at your own risk! Please read and understand Youtube's terms of service. I will not be held liable for any mis-use of any product or service.


This plugin makes use of the open source and unlicensed application, youtube-dl yt-dlp (forked from youtube-dl) to download game videos.

It first downloads videos from the link provided in the metadata from LaunchBox, skipping videos longer than a specified duration, and then searching for videos for missing games based on input search terms.

It is intended for Modern Windows games as this was my need initially. It may work on other platforms but is not well tested.


Installation Instructions:

Note:  For this plugin to work, you will need to have yt-dlp.exe (included in .zip). Extract the contents of the .zip folder and place it in your LaunchBox plugins folder.


Usage Instructions:

Select a game or multiple games, right-click and select "Download Video Snap."

Adjust the maximum duration if desired.

The "Get Missing videos" checkbox sets whether or not to search for videos of games that don't have URL's in their metadata.

The "Trim videos" checkbox sets whether or not to trim videos after it has been downloaded.

Enter desired search terms for Missing videos.

click "Start" to start the download process.

Games will download asynchronously. resuming downloads is also supported natively.


Known Issues:

probably many that I am unaware of.



PLEASE NOTE: I AM NOT A DEVELOPER! I know very little about C# and programming in general, thus probably wont be able to address many issues that you may face. That being said I will try and fix things were I can. I've provided the spagetti source code for anyone to modify, improve, etc. (it seems you need to unblock the forms in the "Resources" folder -> RMB->properties->unblock) 

As of now, i'm more comfortable with the usability of the plugin, however there are still probably many issues, any comments to provide insight/improvement to the code etc. would be much appreciated.

Thanks to @srxz for his source of Youtube Scraper of which this is based.



@srxz @JoeViking245 @C-Beats





Edited by maikeru1986

What's New in Version 0.4.8   See changelog


Updated yt-dlp as the [previous version was no longer working.

No other changes, hence source remains the same

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Very Helpful. 1 thing I suggest is to fix the scaling on the message that says 'Videos for the following titles already exist'. When I do too many, it extends below my screen and I can't click ok. 

Response from the author:

Hi, yes I havent tested with that many games, but could see how this could be an issue.

Currently its a simple built in message box so cant change much, but ill remember it for the next update (or near future). I think if you just press "esc" it will close the message box and continue (Perhaps "enter" will also work).

Thanks for the feedback.

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This is incredible. I even tested some obscure japanese PS1 games and it worked. 

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Dynamite Jewduh

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It works good. Tested it on switch. Thanks!

Edit: Just realized you can scrape the whole collection at one time. Great stuff!


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This works extremely well for newer systems and is pretty fast. Thank you!

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This is one of the basic tools that every LaunchBox user needs.

With the last version 0.4.4 this scraper reached the perfection (be sure to download the 0.4.4 version!)
If you want to complete your collection with trailers / gameplays / whatever you want this is the right tool.

Just copy the "Vidsnap_Scraper" folder into "(Your disk for example C)\LaunchBox\Plugins", then open Launchbox.
Right click on the game for which you want to download the video, than click on the last voice "Download Video Snap" and let the magic begin!

PS: If you also want to automatically trim the video just click on the option and click yes when the dialog window ask to install FFMPEG.

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    I was missing several videos in my Steam Platform that LB didn't have/couldn't find and not realizing v0.3.2 was out, I used what I had from before, v0.2.0 (w/youtube-dl.exe v2020.11.26 ).  It worked like a champ!!!    (I've since downloaded v0.3.2 [with the updated youtube-dl] :))

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Thank youuuuu ! It works perfectly !! ?

(I'm not even mad for the 3 hours of search and download on youtube yesterday.)

Awesome work ! ?

Response from the author:

No problem, glad it worked well for  you.

Just curious what you meant by "3 hours of search and download"?

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Wow and thanks....Very impressive and works quite well!

Yes other guy is right with message, but all you have to do is delete other video that wasn't work working and then run through you process to download new MP4.


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