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  1. MarieH


    Sweet Brad, jealous for real man!
  2. MarieH


    I don't have Civ 6 yet,
  3. MarieH


    Ahh that looks good too, didn't even know about that one. Two options for me!
  4. MarieH


    Cool man, I'll have to try it out, good deal on the suggestion.
  5. MarieH


    Nah, I love strategy games and this one looked cool. Wanted a space version of something like Civilization or Age of Empires. Starborne looks pretty damn sweet. I'll have to check that game out, is it f2p or no?
  6. MarieH


    Got into the alpha for this game, pretty stoked about it! www.Starborne.com
  7. It's all good, I think the hearts are fine, and you have already done a lot of work here
  8. Why dont you guys do upvotes or downvotes like on Imgur? Just a suggestion, negative rep sounds kinda harsh lol.
  9. So you mean likes and dislikes? positive rep and negative rep?
  10. Don't make it like facebook please lol, reputation system sounds awesome.
  11. Super impressed with the forum, you guys rock
  12. It was almost immediate Jason, very awesome
  13. Actually if you click on the activity tab it shows all new content and forum posts
  14. I noticed the "floaty" part but I will still try it out cause I am really looking forward to it and I am not quite so "nitpicky" as you put it.
  15. Yes the genius Koji Igarashi, who assisted on Symphony of the Night. Sorry very excited!
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