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  1. T.K.O. Cinematics

    T.K.O. Cinematics

    LaunchBox/BigBox | Nintendo Game Boy | Unified Showcase (Natural Audio)
  2. T.K.O. Cinematics

    T.K.O. Cinematics

    LaunchBox/BigBox | Nintendo Game Boy | Unified-CoverBox Showcase (Mario Land'n)
  3. T.K.O. Cinematics

    T.K.O. Cinematics

    LaunchBox/BigBox | Nintendo Game Boy | Unified-CoverBox Showcase (Natural Audio)
  4. T.K.O. Cinematics

    T.K.O. Cinematics

    Subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaRzXpKRdju0jKS-kBgXe8w Also, all content featured on my channel won't be released until my Youtube Channel reaches 1,000 subscribers. This is to weed out the trolls and attract the ones who respect me and my work. And also, exceptions can be made for those who take the time to contact me and be respectful. Thanks.
  5. T.K.O. Cinematics

    PC Themes (Various) 16:9 (1080p) (60fps)

    Word up Mr Dave! You can absolutely tell that you took the time to make sure everything was beautifully laid out. Images are cut out wonderfully and so on. My only suggestion - Don't be afraid to put Crash in front of the title like you did with the characters from the racing game. That's just being picky, though. 5 stars from me. Beautiful... 👍
  6. Thank you VERY MUCH! Scout's honor - I was moments away from updating retroarch. Thanks again! These misc. tools you guys make are WONDERFUL.
  7. T.K.O. Cinematics


    The "Silent Assassin" of Launchbox themes.. @faeran (Kills it every time)
  8. T.K.O. Cinematics


    Masterpieces are your forte, plain and simple.
  9. T.K.O. Cinematics


    SOOOOOO Wonderful
  10. T.K.O. Cinematics

    CoverBox Nintendo DS Theme

  11. T.K.O. Cinematics

    CoverBox Wii U Theme

    You are not even getting close to receiving the praise that you deserve. ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. Each and every single one of your coverbox themes are 100% BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for your amazing work!
  12. T.K.O. Cinematics

    Bally Astrocade Clear logo

    Refresh! About time!
  13. T.K.O. Cinematics


    Wonderful job Cid. The response time when switching between platforms (or games) is crazy spectacular.
  14. T.K.O. Cinematics


  15. T.K.O. Cinematics

    Groovy Vintage

    Perfect for a mini bartop cab. Very lovely, thanks brother-oke.