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  1. A big Thank You from me Maddoc1007. I had a quick look at the theme last night and I am well impressed. I hope you have a Great Christmas - you definitely deserve it
  2. Thank you Maddoc1007, with your efforts and Launchbox 7 on the horizon, it's looking like a great Christmas. Now if I could only get the Voice activation to interpret my Aussie accent, I would be in emulation Nirvana.
  3. No worries, thanks for the quick response.
  4. Is there any way the Hall of Light databases (http://hol.abime.net/) can be included in the default metadata searches. This appears to be the only 'one stop shop' for Amiga game information and includes heaps of information that is not available via LaunchboxDB, wikipedia or emumovies.
  5. Hi guys/gals. I have been looking for a vertical theme that I can use in Big Box for my el cheapo arcade machine. I do not have the coding skills/talent to do this myself. I had intended using Big Box as my front end, but found the themes are all basically for Horizontal screens. I am currently using Attract Mode (please don't flame me) but would prefer Big Box, especially as there is now voice control. This is similar to what I am currently using: It works well vertically, and all of the fonts adapt accordingly to the screen res. As a background, my arcade machine was built on a very tight (read almost non-existent) budget using and old quad core MB that is limited to 2Gb ram and a recycled AGP graphics card. The screen is a 24" LCD I saved from green waste as the logic board was dead. The speakers are down-firing models from a dead Plasma TV and the audio is provided by an old PC speaker system I gutted. The major cost here was the buttons and controller board.
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