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  1. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    I didn't realise this was the same behaviour as other popups, just seemed a bit off to me on first use, I kept hitting the same button expecting it to close.
  2. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    Especially if I am top of the list, yes. @Jason Carr, tried it out just now and really happy with how it is integrated so far. I assigned a button to View Achievements in Big Box and found it a little counter-intuitive to have to press the Back button to close the pop up window. Would it not be better to have the same assigned button close the pop up window also?
  3. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    Looking good, glad to see it integrated into Big Box so fast, looking forward to checking it out!
  4. Arcade Genre Video Themes

    Thanks for these @letstalkaboutdune, they will be perfect in my Big Box set up!
  5. Arcade Genre Video Themes

    That's great @Levo_Stone, yeah I would go with the recorded Hyperspin theme videos in keeping with the others he made for arcade playlists. I agree with the games he listed for each too. Thanks for doing this
  6. Arcade Genre Video Themes

    @letstalkaboutdune any updates on the remaining videos? Maybe @Levo_Stone could do these instead?
  7. 7.12-beta-1 Released

    I am getting freezes in Big Box when exiting MAME, have to go to Task Manager and close Big Box. After a couple of hours play my menu navigation has slowed to a crawl.
  8. Your List of Small Things

    My videos are just in Launchbox/Videos/Startup
  9. Big Box Cinematix

    Hey @JamesBaker, not sure if you've made a vid for CPS2 yet, but I was thinking the QSound boot screen would be a nice one to have a high res version for the Big Box startup folder.
  10. CityHunter

    That sounds like a good idea. I had normal video snaps for my Arcade platform but downloaded the recorded Hyperspin themes since. I'd like to be able to see the unobscured normal video snaps on the Games Details screen
  11. 7.12-beta-1 Released

    Tested the latest beta and I am still unable to exit Demul via controller automation in Big Box. Works fine in LaunchBox.