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  1. Well that isn't very motivational to hear as a moderator. 🤔
  2. It's always a good idea to edit your post with your solution in case someone encounters the same thing in future and can find it easily on the forum using a search. Kudos!
  3. https://www.fbalpha.com/manual/
  4. Have you tested it with the start menu in the normal position?
  5. And also always test to see if the games run in the emulator itself before you start thinking about importing the games to LaunchBox.
  6. Have you asked on the RetroArch forums or in their Discord? Probably the first port of call.
  7. I wonder is there some setting in your global retroarch.cfg that your system can't handle? Have you tried backing up the retroarch.cfg file in your RetroArch folder and running RetroArch to generate a new clean config file?
  8. As an aside, I'd recommend Redream over Flycast.
  9. That's great, this is one of the features from the poll that I was excited about. @Lordmonkus time for me to get more Fakey McFakerton Points!
  10. Also, make sure you update your core info files in the Online Updater so that the correct details display for the cores.
  11. Are you sure that you only have one instance of MAME? Could LB be pointing at another exe file?
  12. Welcome Christian, great to have you on board!
  13. It's considered good manners to say please when requesting things of people who do work in their spare time and for free, that's all.
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