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  1. Charco

    Demul Problems with Metal Slug 6

    Yeah, it's on Inolen's to do list. He first wants to get Dreamcast compatibility for all games before he tackles that though. He has recently implemented fog in the development builds though, so expect that in the next stable version. Hopefully WindowsCE support comes next. I also agree, Redream is a great emulator and it is easy as hell to set up.
  2. Charco

    Unified Theme/Unified Redux

    Yep, should be fine. If you go to the video theme downloader in LaunchBox you can specify the Unified themes and download them all that way for your platforms. If you have an Emumovies premium account you can also grab all of the recorded HS themes that CriticalCid converted to videos for your arcade games, looks great.
  3. Charco

    CD Games Compression - Storage [Best way]?

    Cool, thanks for clarifying. I'll have a look at bulk compressing mine with Dolphin.
  4. Charco

    CD Games Compression - Storage [Best way]?

    Is it better to use this tool for compressing Gamecube isos instead of the built in compression tool in Dolphin? Do they do the same thing/are the target formats the same?
  5. Charco

    Auto Hotkey Scripts

    No problem, enjoy the game, it's a good one!
  6. Charco

    Auto Hotkey Scripts

    Try this: https://mega.nz/#!Xt9ywSzQ!UX8XudR7JOch1gvAJeKP3OWpFbrPXVjzUE1GzxCtyTc
  7. Charco

    Auto Hotkey Scripts

    Mine is the same as the script posted above: #SingleInstance force Loop while WinExist("YatagarasuLauncher") { Send, {Tab}{Enter} ExitApp }
  8. Charco

    Auto Hotkey Scripts

    In your LaunchBox\AutoHotkey folder, right click and select New-> AutoHotkey Script. Open the created file with Notepad and paste the script into the file and save it. Right click on the file and select Compile Script. Name the newly created file to whatever you wish, I named mine Full Screen, for example. Place that file in your Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm game folder. In LaunchBox, click edit on the game, choose YatagarasuLauncher.exe in the Launcher tab: In the Additional Apps tab, click Add Application and browse to your compiled AHK script exe: Ensure the following settings are selected:
  9. Charco

    i just don't understand

    You could say that, frontendception!
  10. Charco

    i just don't understand

    https://docs.libretro.com You don't have to use RetroArch, but I would recommend it for it's controller set up, shaders configurability to reduce input lag.
  11. Charco

    8.8-beta-1 Released

    This is a good idea, perhaps this will be added in a future update using metadata from the LaunchBox games database.
  12. Charco

    Where can i suggest an idea (if thats possible)

    Click Help & Support, then click Request a Feature. This will open Bitbucket where you can request features and report bugs. Remember to up vote your issue and post it here in the thread with a link so that others can vote for it too.
  13. Charco

    Border on nes games.

    What emulator are you using?
  14. Charco

    Your List of Small Things

    Yep, that is on the list from the last community poll, so Jason should get to it at some stage:
  15. Charco

    HyperSpin Sounds For Unified Theme?

    LaunchBox doesn't currently make those sound calls. You'll see how the sound files are currently named, that's all that work right now. Not sure if @Jason Carr will be adding more sounds in a future release.