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  1. World Heroes has a character named Dio.
  2. Seeing as the x68000 has a lot of excellent ports of arcade games and was a development machine for a lot of those games, I'd go with that.
  3. According to this thread: You can use --fullscreen as the command line parameter for that emulator.
  4. If there only was some sort of archive organisation for Redump files for Playstation.
  5. I would just ditch those and get Redump ROMs.
  6. Do you have the correct BIOS files in your Retroarch/system folder? https://docs.libretro.com/library/pcsx_rearmed/#bios
  7. No problem, if you have any questions setting stuff up don't be afraid to ask here on the forums or in the Launchbox Discord server.
  8. Yeah, I had an issue where some of the mp3 files from Emumovies were bad. This sounds like a similar issue. You can replace the mp3 files to resolve that issue I guess.
  9. Have you played the mp3 files outside of Launchbox, like in VLC or Windows Media Player? Do they sound ok there?
  10. Well that isn't very motivational to hear as a moderator. 🤔
  11. It's always a good idea to edit your post with your solution in case someone encounters the same thing in future and can find it easily on the forum using a search. Kudos!
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