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  1. Have you tried putting the CHDMAN exe and the BAT file in the folder above and running it from there? As in, your bin and cue file are in a folder called (Capcom vs SNK 2- Millionnaire Fighting 2001 (Japan). Run the bat in the folder that contains that folder.
  2. chd_batfile.7z I think you need a bat file aswell. Try this.
  3. CHDMAN is included with MAME. If you have MAME check the folder and copy CHDMAN to the foder that contains your bin + cue Dreamcast games. Run the exe and it will run through all of the games in the folder and compress them to chd format.
  4. The CHDMAN tool can convert your bin + cue files to chd files, Redream can play those and they take up less space.
  5. If you have your Dreamcast games in BIN + CUE format you can simply import the cue file into LaunchBox to launch that game. Test in your emulator first to make sure that your games are working before you import.
  6. I believe NeoPop supports 2-player.
  7. I've had that occur too, it seems random. I also tested regular MAME 201 and experienced the same issue. The pause screen works fine with RetroArch, Redream etc.
  8. Yeah I've been messing around with it all day and give up.
  9. I am experiencing the same issue, GroovyMAME 201 on Windows 7.
  10. This is not possible currently but has been mentioned to Jason. Hopefully it can be added in a future release.
  11. lol yeah I am sure we will get functionality added as this feature becomes more fleshed out. Matching what is available in Rocket Launcher is a good goal, for now, ensuring it all works is the main task. I think we are seeing a lot of progress so far on what is a brand new feature.
  12. This has been requested a few times recently so I think I'll tag @Jason Carr to see if he thinks it might be something to look at in a future update.
  13. Would you mind saying how you worked around it, just in case others have the same issue?
  14. Here is a link to their Discord server on their website for support: https://redream.io/contact
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