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  1. You clearly stated that here. Anyway, if you want to configure a controller to navigate the Big Box interface, simply connect a controller, go to Options, press Enter on the function you want to assign a button to, and click the button on the controller to assign it. Pretty simple really.
  2. I believe this is simply an issue with how Windows assigns devices and as far as I am aware there is no way around it.
  3. You can get the sound samples here: http://samples.mameworld.info Place the zip in your MAME/samples directory and make sure the zip has the same name as the rom. To add the game to Launchbox select your arcade platform and go to Tools-Import-ROM files, click Next, click Add Files, navigate to the rom, select Use the files in their current location, deselect Skip games unplayable in MAME. Hopefully this should do the trick. EDIT: Just did this and it imported for me and the game boots. I don't have sound as I didn't add the samples to the folder. The game looks pretty cool actually
  4. I belive it requires sound files to be added to the samples folder in MAME, but that shouldn't stop it from booting I would think.
  5. Is it listed as working in MAME? If not, it may not have been imported. You may have to import it manually.
  6. Which emulator are you using?
  7. Ok, I think I had this issue. Change the UI Cancel in MAME to something other than what what you have set for controller automation in Big Box. It may be causing a conflict.
  8. Are you using controller automation to exit MAME or a button combo set in MAME or both?
  9. Are you using an emulator? Which games and which system? Do the games run outside of LaunchBox?
  10. I don't think we can definitively say that, it's always best to troubleshoot emulator issues in the emulator itself before LaunchBox.
  11. Great work Jason! Looking forward to trying this out!
  12. I can confirm that chds work with this core.
  13. Charco

    Merry Christmas ya'll

    Happy Christmas everyone!
  14. When connected to the projector, check your monitor refresh rate in your graphics settings and see if it is different from your non-HDMI settings. Either way, this is not beta related in my opinion so you can create a topic in the Troubleshooting section if you have further issues.
  15. Charco

    Loading screen?

    He's referring to RocketLauncher, not LaunchBox.
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