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  1. Unified

    Yep, see Cid's reply above.
  2. Unified

    Yes, that is a new addition. Looks great.
  3. Please help with MAME questions

    We use the acronym RA for RetroArch on the forums here.
  4. Unified

    Loving the improvements you have made for this version @CriticalCid. The curved wheels, 16:9 videos, and the new text list view are all great. Thanks for all your hard work on this!
  5. Unified

    That is a cool idea. I have mostly all of the recorded Hyperspin Unified theme videos for my arcade games though and I don't think they look great inside these cabinet images as the gameplay is even smaller. I use fullscreen view instead. If I was to use the normal Emumovies video snaps though I would definitely like this marquee idea.
  6. A variety of questions

    Glad it's working for you
  7. A variety of questions

    My apologies, place them in the following folder: LaunchBox\Videos\Startup
  8. A variety of questions

    Yeah I haven't used the default theme in quite a while and am not sure what icon is used for favourites as I don't use those either. I just add stuff to a playlist if I come across something that looks interesting.
  9. A variety of questions

    Cheers Neil, learn something new every day!
  10. A variety of questions

    I'll try and answer what I can here: #2 - there is currently no way to stop LB regenerating the folders as far as I am aware. #3 - Yes, once Big Box has loaded in the background you can stop an intro video by pressing the "Accept" button on your controller or Enter on your keyboard #3.1 - Yes, create a folder in you LB folder called Startup and place your intro videos there, it will choose them randomly on startup. #3.2 - yes, go into the Sounds folder and either delete the startup sound or change the filename, then it will not play on startup. #5 - if these games are already in your arcade platform you can simply delete the Daphne playlist (or any arcade playlist) if you wish
  11. A variety of questions

    I think the wall of text may have been an issue
  12. Unified

    Ensure that you have your clear logos in the folder Images -> Platforms -> (Platform Name) -> Clear Logo and in the Big Box options go to Options -> Image Cache and click Refresh Platform Wheel Images.
  13. Unified

    It's always best to post an actual screenshot from your own set up too
  14. Policenaughts - working ??

    Yeah I had a feeling you just had a bad dump of the game. Glad you got it working
  15. Unified

    Also, if you have the platforms created in LaunchBox you can go to Tools -> Download Platform/Playlist Theme Videos and in the Select to Prioritize... drop-down menu choose EmuMovies Unified (16:9) (HD) and it should find any you are missing. You can download them all in a few clicks that way