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  1. Don't know if it's Full... for sure all PAL,USA exclusive and some Jap
  2. for sure not the largest... but the best one 😂😂 collection
  3. dnm


    Question 3: There is the possibility to have 16/9 VideoBorder for platforme that have video in this format ?
  4. dnm


    well I Like it 🙂
  5. dnm


    first thx for your theme.. it's fantanstic! 2 questions: 1- There is the possibilty to have games fanart background for each game instead the background theme ( all my pc games have more than 1 fanart background) 2- I like the spin disk, but when disks png are not present (same disk images are not simple to find), the theme took and spin the box image and is not good to see (for me); I will prefere nothnig (one possibility is to create for each game black disc... but it's a lot of time...)
  6. dnm

    BigBox Video Problem

    setting all transition to none seems solve the problem. Thx
  7. dnm

    Auto Hotkey Scripts

    Hi all; I need a script "ALT"+"ENTER" for fullscreen of this X68000 emulator: xm6g.exe; I've no idea what to do 🙂
  8. dnm

    Launch certain emulators in fullscreen

    hi, in this way, using the exe with the script, I'm not able to launch directly games; It's possible do same after the launch of a game ?
  9. dnm

    BigBox Video Problem

    I'll try
  10. dnm

    BigBox Video Problem

    I've this problem with all themes... after a bit a see a video but the next one is black (only audio) like the video below. If esc from the platform and come back all return to normal for a bit and then again one video one black video... suggestion ? Desktop_2018_07.08_-_19_02.33_02.mp4
  11. Thx!!! But I'm not able to navigate to the menu with controls (or joypad), only with mouse (and I do not have it on my build)
  12. dnm


    Thx for your Themes!!! Need more... Request: Nindento DS, 3DS PSone, PS2, PSP, PS3 SNK Neogeo, Windows GOG/AAA/Indie SEGA Saturn, Dreamcast Yes you can kill me
  13. dnm

    Sony PlayStation 2 Themes (16:9)

    thx!!! I need mooooore!!!