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  1. My Build

    Thx to LaunchBox! and Forum guys
  2. Futurestate Theme

    hi, great theme! a Question.. There is the possibility to have background images in game menu without opacity ?
  3. Griddle BoxView

    Thx! really a great Theme! I have 2 request; there is the possibility to increase Video dimension? is too small and do not emphasize Video Theme, and the second if there is a way to have the search for letters string; having a 9000+ games collection it's really usefull
  4. Change path of video files

    I have a strange problem... I've changed Video path, video works, but do not show video game theme ? need to stay on launchbox dir ?
  5. Game Theme wii u

    In Super Mario 3D World.there is an error... an image of Super mario 3d land that is a 3ds game !!! also the image on the right it's strage The other themes are beautiful
  6. Bezels

    I need to put bezels for same systems... dir ?
  7. Hi all, I have this problem with videos in bigbos using VLC (all videos are from emumovies). For now I have only two section: Arcade (MAME) and Playstation 2; for the Arcade part I have no problems; For the Playstaion 2 I see only 70% of videos, for the rest I have black screen but I hear sounds; If I enter in the game I can see in full screen mode the video with audio and coming back It return black with audio If I swith VLC with Windows media player I see perfectly Ps2 videos and nothing in the arcade section? suggestions ?