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  1. 55 minutes ago, Thanos Reigns said:

    No display scaling..every other Big Box theme looks as it should. This theme is way too big for 1920x1080


    Does it do this on all platform/game views that you pick with this theme enabled? Can you screenshot the options you have set in BigBox and I will compare to mine as I can only think some option within big box is conflicting with the code in the theme to cause this if all other themes display correctly at 1080p on your setup. 

  2. The theme was made specifically for 1920x1080 but to make it responsive so that it scales to other resolutions should not be too much work the only issue is I don't have any screen capable of above 1080p. If you are happy to test this with me then I can look at starting on this with that as the max resolution and able to scale down to other 16:9 resolutions?


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