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  1. yes. Win 10 boots right into Big Box and the control panel runs everything. I do have a bluetooth mini keyboard and mouse for it though.
  2. I managed to score a SmashTV cabinet that was converted to Golden Tee Golf, which I then converted to a Big Box machine. Big Box looks amazing on the Wells Gardner monitor.
  3. I appreciate the mention in the OP...but really, Hori wheels is as basic as it gets. I feel undeserving compared to the great themes everyone else made.
  4. Yes, I made my portable arcade controls myself. Happ sticks and buttons with a Xin Mo-10 usb encoder. The drink on the floor is a root beer. The pen on the floor is my THC oil vape pen. The strip lighting is so I can turn the overhead lights off because they glare on the tvs and it does provide eye strain relief. the black round things are Wii steering wheels fro Wiimotes. paid $2.99 for all 4 at Goodwill
  5. It's a Panasonic plasma from 2006 that I got for free. Only consoles hooked to it are Wii and OG Xbox. Bottom TV is for WiiU, Ps3, Xbox360 and PC
  6. I just finished my game room. Let's see yours
  7. Power surge. Fried my externals. Wasn't just my roms and media. I lost my PC backups too....I got new drives, in a few days everything should be fine
  8. I had 2 8tb drives, one was a backup. Completely lost both and have to start over from scratch.
  9. launchbox for android or maybe even Pi....
  10. That would actually be a good feature..the ability to change the display name in Big Box...
  11. ok, i must be doing something wrong because my backgrounds are all black.
  12. figures my license just expired in May....
    At this point, Grilla is synonymous with quality
  13. Not all heroes wear capes....unless Grilla happens to wear capes...
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