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  1. Now it works! No idea why it did not do after first time configuration. Seems that this procedere takes a littel bit of time ...
  2. Hope this is the right location for my problem: I am a liftetime member at emumovies and it is not possible for me to login within launchbox
  3. Hello Viking, this theme is so beautiful to me that I would like it use it as my default one Since I use a 4K TV for my display I am forced do increase the windows system text size to 300% - otherwise nothing is readable on the screen... Unfortunatley the text information in the theme seems also to be increased by this factor. This problem does not occure in the standard or defualt theme that Jason has created. Maybe he has an idea or solution to this. On the other hand maybe there is a quick fix: something like a change of a parameter in the theme. I would have no problem to do this manually just for my system if this is possible. Thanks an keep on running
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