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  1. On 12/18/2018 at 10:44 PM, nikeymikey said:

    I dumped my original LB setup in favor of your "No Intro" build, which i have since added to. Will you consider releasing all the media you collect in a pack? Also will you release your Switch setup as an addon pack for your "No Intro" build??? I have never had any luck getting the emu to run :(


    Yes I will release all the my media  I have created at some point. Yuzu is still a long way from being able to play most games at a decent framerate 


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    How important is it to you for the startup screen to fade into the game? Is it worth the performance sacrifice to you while playing the game?

    How important is it to you to use bezels? Are they worth the performance sacrifice to you?

    Speaking personally I think Bezels and Fades are vital despite the performance hit.

    What features are you most looking for with startup screens?

    I would like to see various formats support including video (MP4) if possible

    Various options for timing of fades (I like to keep mine up for a few seconds) 

    Information about the game- Publisher, developer,no. of players etc

    Disc swap feature at boot for those games that have it 

    What features are you most looking for with pause screens?

    Main Features

    Platform and game media integrated on a per game basis (Platform media always shows and then the game media)  

    Ability to customize the Pause screen, Font type, color, menu layout, background images etc although this maybe dictated to the theme

    Platform media including video, artwork and manuals, Each of my platforms has a platform review or 2 by my fav you tube channel which i like to use. Yeah Game Sack ! 

    Games media including walk-throughs (images and videos), guides, magazines, manuals, artwork, controllers, move lists, videos (game reviews), 

    Disc swap feature, really handy to have it in pause menu 

    Music player for any game music

    Lesser Features

    Apps and plugin tab for when using the any plugins. You Tube plugin would be great

    Emulator setups and tweak guides for individual emulators and games. Would be especially useful for emulators like PCSX2

    History and settings  tab with things like time played, highest score, avg play time, play count etc. Also with background information about each game

    Load and save states. 



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  3. I use game trailers as the video snaps, think it works quite well. 

    To add games I use the .txt method or .zip method either will do but i use RocketLauncher to launch my games not sure how helpful that would be just in LB

  4. I have decided to start a New Build based around the excellent LB/ BB Theme ReFried by RetroHumanoid

    My aim is to have all media (Clear Logo/ Wheel, 3D box, disc/cart and video/ snap at least) for every platform I add so the process is painstaking long!!!!!


    Nintendo GameCube


    Nintendo 64

    Sega Saturn



    Super Nintendo Entertainment System



    Sony Playstation 3



    NEC PC Engine-CD

    Atari Jaguar

    Atari 7800


    Atari 5200


    Sega Game Gear

    Sega Master System

    Sega Genesis/ MegaDrive

    Nintendo Switch 


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  5. CP78 Sega CD Videos (ALT) For Launchbox

    View File


    25 Sega CD videos with spinning cases and discs. Only the best games!

    I plan on adding more games and and adding more systems. 1080p @ 30fps

    You may need to change the name to match the name of your games.

    A full preview is here: 



  6. Sega Genesis/ Mega Drive HD 3D Boxes

    View File

    863 Open box 3D Sega Genesis/ Megadrive covers

    Designed to work with CriticalCid's excellent Unified theme

    High Def png files offer HD and UHD quality boxes perfectly scaled in the Unified Theme

    *Missing about 10 games which are the Accolade games (Onslaught, Star Control Etc. and some religious games)



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