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  1. 1 hour ago, wallmachine said:

    Nice change for info from OptionsView to SystemsView. Is it possible to hide the menu when its on the Back option.

    I don't think that's possible on the System view; I know of no trigger to determine when the Back option is selected. Well, I take that back -- it's probably possible if you can get at the list's data model and find out when "Back" is the selected item ... but that would be a bit hacky and would break with different languages. It's much easier to hide this on the Options menu (you likely had it working way before -- I did in Refaktor). If I can properly fix the resource leak with EnvironmentInfo, moving this info back to the Options view might be the best solution.

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  2. 1 hour ago, wallmachine said:

    With the fix for EnvironmentalInfoVM should this fix the lag that occurs on first scroll/load of the system info? If yes, in my case it still lags in the OptionsView.

    Edit: Set the following UpdateContinuously="False" still slightly lags at beginning.

    Yes, the lag will still be there as the classes used to grab environment info lag a bit on first load. It should not cause a lag in the UI thread since the environment info is grabbed on a separate thread. I get around this in MinimalX by using a fading animation so you cannot see the lag.

    UpdateContinuously False is recommended, as setting to True (which was the default prior to this release) leads to a resource leak; more threads are spawned which leads to about 5% extra CPU load on my system. I also recommend putting the environment info in System rather than Options (which I why I changed Refaktor), as there was a small leak even when setting param UpdateContinuously to False. I'll try to isolate and fix this leak in the future; the above is a workaround for now.

  3. 21 hours ago, kidshoalin said:

    @vikingI tried this but it did not work, here is a pic of the new line created, I might have done it wrong so please correct me if so :)

    Looks like you're halfway there -- you defined your new platform category in Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a.dll.config.

    Next, you need to add this platform category to Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a-Colors.dll.config, e.g.:

    <add key="Category.MICROSOFT_WINDOWS" value="(hex color code of your choice)" />

    The same process is used to define colors for platforms and playlists: (1) make sure your named category, platform, or playlist has a mapping in the main assembly configuration file, then (2) make sure there is a color for this mapping defined int the Colors config file. 

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  4. On 5/23/2020 at 3:36 AM, viking said:

    Hmm. There may be a conflict between the Windows "Category" and the Windows "Platform". @eatkinola What do you think ?
    You can do some tests:
    Open this file with a test editor :
    \LaunchBox\Themes\Colorful - xxx\Plugins\Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a\AssemblyConfig\ Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a.dll.config
    Respect the form well. Change only "Value", not "Key".
    Line 57, You will find the Windows Platform. But you need a category. Can you try adding a new line in the category section? Tell me if it works.

    @viking @kidshoalin - Sounds like good troubleshooting advice, viking. Mapping the platforms to colors requires that Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a.dll.config file. There is no way to guess how a user would have setup and named their platforms and categories, hence the need for an editable configuration file.


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    On 4/22/2020 at 1:36 PM, saban said:

    Would be really nice to have recent(last played) and favorites on each system's screen....

    It does this, but they are hidden until you press the left or right keyboard or joypad bindings.

    Yes, you can toggle this feature on/off -- MinimalX respects those BB settings (Show Filters . The design choice I made was to hide these elements, however, unless you press left or right to enter those lists. I did not want to recent/faves to cover up the video.

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  5. On 5/11/2020 at 11:06 AM, jt.cs said:

    Is there any way to have the random playlist generator restricted to only certain platforms and not pull from the entire library?

    There's always a way ?, but it would require additions to the plugin code. It's an interesting idea, and I'll consider adding this in the future.


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    Glad you like the theme. For the fade-ins to work as in the video (in theme description above), you'll need to also use my WootLauncher plugin for LB/BB. Please note WL is not compatible with BB's built-in startup and pause screens; you'll have to deactivate those. Also, in the video it looks even more integrated because I use the same bezels in FluxCRT for retroarch cores.


    I noticed you sent me a pm; we can work on this issue there.

  6. 6 minutes ago, Gimpy said:

    I guess I just need to decide if I wanna scrap a bunch of setup now and have everything how I want visually, or spend the time redoing a lot of what I already have in place - would you recommend RetroArch overall?

    You don't have to scrap anything -- you can setup RetroArch as another emulator and just point LB to it while testing to see if you like it. That being said, RetroArch is not good for Dolphin and only so-so for Atomiswave/DC (the reicast core is coming along nicely). RetroArch works very well for a bunch of other systems such as NES, SNES, Genesis, GB, Atari, etc. (a very long list).  The systems for which I personally let WL do the bezels include: GameCube, PS2, and demul stuff (though I'm moving over to RA's reicast core).

    4 minutes ago, Gimpy said:

    Also one last question while I'm still tinkering with Wootlauncher - I can get the Plugin to work, but not bezels to appear. From the readme I figure it might be a Platform/Emu naming convention thing, but it wasn't totally clear to me how things should be named

    You shouldn't have to do much for setup, but yes it does need to map emu/platform names at some point, e.g., Nintendo GameCube > DOLPHIN@GAMECUBE, to match how the overlay images are named. Caveat: this is off the top of my head -- I can provide more help when back home later. There should be a file in the Config subdirectory of WootLauncher (these files self deploy when you first use the plugin) that has this mapping. The WL download does not include bezels for NES etc. since RA does such a great job w/bezels, though WL could of course apply its own overlay for NES games if one wanted it to.

  7. 1 minute ago, Gimpy said:

    The OCD in me finds it weird when all my mame games have Bezels and nothing else does, but every solution Im aware of to use them just seems so convoluted vs how simple everything else was to set up! haha

    Yeah -- I totally get that ... one of the reasons I made this plugin; empty spaces of the black bars really bothers me, and stretching games to fill the screen looks funny. I use RetroArch for most systems, and its overlay system works well once setup.

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  8. 3 minutes ago, Gimpy said:

    I know you have to disable Startup/Pause Themes in BB, but is that the case for even partial functionality? For example the main solution I want is bezels across all emulators I use - Would it be possible to enable overlays, but disable everything else and use BB for Startup/Pause functionality? or is it all or nothing

    You can certainly try it (enabling only the overlay function of WL), but I don't think it will work and will have to be all or nothing. WootLauncher and the built-in startup/pause screens work differently. Like RocketLauncher, WL needs to capture the emulator window so it can apply an overlay.


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    1 hour ago, Tony said:

    Working great. After more testing, the only issue I've had so far is I had no Gamegear platform image so I had to rename SEGA_GAMEGEAR.png  to SEGA_GAME_GEAR.png as well as in Views\Images\AVLF\Platforms\@index.txt but there's no platform video, just audio, so I'm assuming it's just incorrectly aligned to the Gamegear screen.

    Nice to hear it's working well. That's a great catch with the SEGA_GAME_GEAR; I'll fix that for the next release. I'll check out the video positioning issue.

    1 hour ago, Tony said:

    I also had to rename the Amiga consoles in said file and I think the theme config also to match Launchbox's default naming convention, ie, rename Amiga_CD32 to COMMODORE_AMIGA_CD32 for the platform images to show.

    FYI, the ALL CAPS naming convention (e.g., AMIGA_CD32) is something I use internally to get things to match up -- this is how the files and images in AVLF are named. There is a mapping in Plugins \ Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3.9.6.dll.config that defines how to get from user-defined names to my standardized name. The files in Nostalgia \ Images \ Platforms do not employ this mapping and must be renamed manually to match how you name the platforms.

    P.s. I fixed the Amiga naming for the next release, too. Thanks again!

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    3 hours ago, bundangdon said:

    how can I change the fonts for some of the views? For example, I really like the font used with the thumbnails view

    For the most part, you should be able to edit the section where the FontFamily resources are defined. That section in PlatformWheel3FiltersView looks like this:

    <FontFamily x:Key="NostClockFontFamily">/Ao.Bigbox.Themes.Nostalgia;Component/Fonts/#Arcade</FontFamily>
    <FontFamily x:Key="NostLoadingFontFamily">/Ao.Bigbox.Themes.Nostalgia;Component/Fonts/#Arcade</FontFamily>
    <FontFamily x:Key="NostVertYearFontFamily">/Ao.Bigbox.Themes.Nostalgia;Component/Fonts/#Neon Pixel-7</FontFamily>
    <FontFamily x:Key="NostWheelShadowListFontFamily">/Ao.Bigbox.Themes.Nostalgia;Component/Fonts/#Bebas Neue</FontFamily>

    These references pull fonts from the Nostalgia DLL, but you could also pull a font installed on your system. There is a new(-ish) way to use fonts in BB themes without installing them on your system, but I've not used that approach so cannot comment on it. When editing the fonts above, you'll need to leave the key name alone; just change the content of the FontFamily tag, e.g.:

    <FontFamily x:Key="NostClockFontFamily">SomeFontInstalledOnMySystem</FontFamily>

    Changing fonts for certain view items (e.g., most of the lists) might change spacing a little and therefore mess with the layout. When I use lists in my views, for example, I space items so that none are cut off on the top or bottom of this list when scrolling since that irks me. 

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    @bundangdon, @neil9000 -- updated to support LB10+ ... Turned off by default is when then selection wheel fades to platform/game details. You can turn this back on if you want by quickly editing Views\Styles\Nostalgia.xaml ... near the top of the file, and the bundled PDF describes what to change.

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    2 hours ago, bundangdon said:

    @eatkinola @Jason Carr Not sure what happened, but with the most recent beta updates, these themes are no longer working. I tried both the latest updated versions of Nostalgia and MinimalX and they're both broken. The platforms and games list are blank, among other weirdness.

    Yes, thank you. I updated the themer library to support recent changes Jason needed to make for LB 10+. I was gonna wait and post theme updates until after LB 10 was released, but I can post sooner if you like.

    1 hour ago, neil9000 said:

    I actually just noticed that this morning as well.

    Thanks, Neil. The update resolves these issues.

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  9. 2 hours ago, Retrofrogg said:

    Just came across this and it looks interesting - is the auditor similar to the Launchbox media manager

    My auditor is pretty simple and just helps me see what I'm missing in my library. The built-in LB auditor didn't do what I needed.

    2 hours ago, Retrofrogg said:

    Also, won't Wootlauncher become redundant once the Launchbox pause screen feature is released

    Not for me. The feature set and intended use will likely continue to differ between these two things.

  10. All four plugins are included in the Dropins download, but WootLauncher is the only one enabled by default. You can easily disable WL and enable the other plugin. Look at the PDF bundled with the Dropins download (or you can download this PDF separately); the first page has some quick setup instructions.

  11. On 12/28/2018 at 1:56 AM, isilkin said:

    1. Have you tried using this plugin with the earlier version like 8.7 ( this is what I have). Is there any risk of me trying it?

    2. I understand why you say to run emulators in the windowed mode so your overlay would have a higher index. But I don't understand why I would want to play a windowed game in the bigbox mode.

    3. This is a much needed addition to the big box and I wish this was natively supported and already built in.

    Sorry didn't see your post until now. I was accidentally not following this thread so wasn't pinged with your post. This plugin will not work with 8.7; it relies on newer LB features. Yes, you'd need to set emulators for windowed mode so the plugin can capture the window; it will then be displayed fullscreen by the plugin. As for native support, Jason has added game load/exit screens to more recent versions of Big Box; he said he might add a pause menu in the future.


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    On 1/14/2019 at 7:23 PM, MattyCakes said:

    Any ideas?

    Hmm, that's one I've not seen before. It almost looks like the download or "install" of the theme is corrupted and missing some files. I assume you're using the most recent theme version. Could you try downloading and installing the theme again? Perhaps you could also try downloading one of my other themes such a MinimalX to see if there is a common problem?

  12. REPORTING ISSUES: Please include relevant screenshots and log files in your post. I recommend using hidden content ("spoiler") sections when posting logs and screenshots to prevent the message from appearing crazy long. E.g.:




    Log (plain text and/or with attached text file)

    # WOOTLAUNCHER STARTUP =======================================================
    # WootLauncher Version = by eatkinola
    # LaunchBox/BB Version = LaunchBox
    # GENERAL SETTINGS ===========================================================
    # EnableFades .................. True
    # EnableBezel .................. True
    # EnablePause .................. True
    # RequireCfgs .................. False
    # BgImageAuto4Game ............. False
    # BgImageAuto4Plat ............. False
    # BgImageAutoOpacity ........... 0.3
    # BgImageAutoBlurRadius ........ 10
    # BgImageAutoScanlineOpacity ... 0.3
    # LsBackgroundImage ............ True
    # LsBackgroundVideo ............ False
    # LsBackgroundMetadata ......... True
    # LsBackgroundDuration ......... 00:00:05
    # EsBackgroundImage ............ True
    # EsBackgroundVideo ............ False
    # EsBackgroundMetadata ......... True
    # EsBackgroundDuration ......... 00:00:05
    # PmLaunchJoyBinding ........... Up+(PageUp, PageDn)
    # PmLaunchKeyBinding ........... A+(Alt)
    # PmStyleColorFgNormal ......... #90FFFFFF
    # PmStyleColorFgActive ......... #90FFFFFF
    # PmStyleColorFgSubtle ......... #10FFFFFF
    # PmStyleColorBgNormal ......... #90000000
    # PmStyleColorBgActive ......... #3000FF60
    # PmStyleColorBgSubtle ......... #90000000
    # PmStyleFontFamily ............ ./#Orbitron
    # EMULATOR CONFIGS ===========================================================
    # Cemu::Nintendo Wii U ............ CEMU
    # Demul::Sammy Atomiswave ......... DEMUL
    # Demul::Sega Naomi ............... DEMUL->DEMUL+SEGA_NAOMI
    # Demul-DC::Sega Dreamcast ........ DEMUL-DC
    # Dolphin::Nintendo GameCube ...... DOLPHIN
    # Dolphin::Nintendo Wii ........... DOLPHIN
    # ePSXe::Sony Playstation ......... no configurations found
    # MAME ............................ MAME
    # PCSX2::Sony Playstation 2 ....... PCSX2
    # PPSSPP::Sony PSP ................ no configurations found
    # Retroarch ....................... RETROARCH
    # Retroarch::Arcade Classics ...... RETROARCH->RETROARCH@MAME
    # Retroarch::Atari 2600 ........... RETROARCH
    # Retroarch::Atari 5200 ........... RETROARCH->RETROARCH@ATARI800
    # Retroarch::Atari 7800 ........... RETROARCH
    # Retroarch::Microsoft MS-DOS ..... RETROARCH->RETROARCH@SCUMMVM
    # Retroarch::Nintendo 64 .......... RETROARCH
    # Retroarch::Nintendo GameCube .... RETROARCH
    # Retroarch::Nintendo GB .......... RETROARCH
    # Retroarch::Nintendo GBA ......... RETROARCH
    # Retroarch::Nintendo GBC ......... RETROARCH
    # Retroarch::Nintendo NES ......... RETROARCH
    # Retroarch::Nintendo SNES ........ RETROARCH
    # Retroarch::Sega Dreamcast ....... RETROARCH
    # Retroarch::Sega Genesis ......... RETROARCH
    # Retroarch::Sega Master System ... RETROARCH
    # Retroarch::Sony Playstation ..... RETROARCH
    # Retroarch::Sony PSP ............. RETROARCH->RETROARCH@PPSSPP
    2018-12-22 12:16:58 game = River City Ransom (Id=1304)
    2018-12-22 12:16:58 displaying game loading screen
    2018-12-22 12:16:58 configuration = RETROARCH
    2018-12-22 12:16:58 overlay/bezel = no overlay configured
    2018-12-22 12:16:58 controllermap = E:\meta\LaunchBox\Plugins\Ao.Bigbox.Dropins\WootLauncher\Images\Controls\RETROARCH+NINTENDO_NES.png
    2018-12-22 12:16:58 finding emulator process retroarch, wait up to 10 seconds
    2018-12-22 12:17:01 wrapping emulator process 9104 in adornable window
    2018-12-22 12:17:15 exiting game 1304, process 9104

    WL 2018-12-22 12-16-57.txt

    The better the info you provide, the better my troubleshooting will be.


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    5 hours ago, HankChill said:

    This is an excellent theme, and I would love to use it as my daily driver, however I noticed one glaring issue with it: CPU usage.


    Glad you like the theme, and thanks for reporting the issue. Ideally it will not burn through that much CPU, especially when a game has been launched.  It sounds like a problem with the video engine I use.  I'd really appreciate if you help troubleshoot.

    What version of Launchbox are you running?

    What version of MinimalX are you running?

    What CPU and graphics care are you using?

    What is your display size?  HD or 4K?

    Do you use standard or HD videos?

    Do you use WMP or VLC for videos?

    If it's the video engine, it should also affect my other themes Nostalgia, FluxCRT, and Refaktor.  Would you please check against at least one of those themes?


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    Updated to v1.5, with bugfixes as mentioned above -- see change log on download page for details. The most notable additions are toggles to easily deactivate the platform and game notes overlay, and to turn off the sidebar details so the selection list/wheel always remains visible. Also updated to themer plugin library v3.8, which includes its own bugfixes and a way to specify controllers used for certain games as a queue for the user.


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    On 8/16/2018 at 7:42 PM, Nonamer66 said:

    My other issue is this text on my arcade playlist title. I checked the details on that playlist and it doesn't have the simpsons game title in description.  So any idea why is it pulling that text and repeating it on every game within that category.

    Found the bug and will include a fix in the next update. Thanks again for providing a nice description of the problem.

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