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  1. Oh hey I never saw this- awesome thanks!
  2. I was actually doing something similar myself, except I only like JUST started. I just have media made up for Brutal Chex Quest and Simon's Destiny atm haha.
  3. Tbh I didn't really need much a tutorial for it anyways, I got how demul works and such it was just I didn't know what command line/options launchbox wanted for it, that was all I needed to know If there was trouble with the emulator itself there are usually dozens of tutorials for those.
  4. Aha! Thank you both that is exactly the information I needed. All working good now, thank you again.
  5. Yeah I can get it to launch the dreamcast ones no problem it's the Atomiswave ones and other arcade titles I am having trouble with. That tutorial shows me the dreamcast launch options I was already using for the other demul folder. He says they would cover those games in a future tutorial but I couldn't find it on youtube.
  6. Is it possible to make launchbox boot the rom with the Demul emulator at all? I haven't had any success, all I can get it to do is boot the emulator.
  7. WMP just gives me a black screen, only works in VLC for me on windows 10. Fresh install of windows too recently, and I have the k-lite codec pack. I looked into it and saw a ton of people having similar troubles and not really any fix. The only solution I have found is to use VLC. Edit: However the issue with VLC in launchbox seems to be with launchbox itself not VLC afaik; which would be good since that means it might be ironed out someday and then it won't matter if one or the other is acting up.
  8. Fantastic theme, would be by absolute favorite honestly. The lack of VLC support really hurts though. I get why you couldn't, but the unfortunate downside is that WMP struggles with certain types of video format- often used in most video media file packs. The result is you can expect audio w/ black screen problems regardless of what codecs you have installed.
  9. I was using a new theme this time around. Some themes don't work with well VLC some use WMP instead. I didn't read that in the theme description even though it was there; because up until now any theme I tried used VLC.
  10. This is the most perfect theme. It gives you options too, if you are having trouble with one type of media or so- you can still make it look nice because of how this is layed out. Edit: But since it only works with WMP which doesn't support Mp4 I dunno if I can use video clips with it at all =/
  11. I checked all the simple suspects like view mode and making sure videos are enabled, through VLC, etc etc...., and I didn't have this problem before but on this PC I do. Some video clips are only playing as audio, the video won't show. Some seem to work just fine; even if they are pretty much the same type of video file.
  12. Thanks. This seems to be something that happens a lot though, is it possible to set up something automated? I mean usually something like this is just bound to an account or something, but I imagine so people can keep stuff offline for arcade projects you didn't want that- but it is still linked to the E-mail isn't it? I dunno just thinking out loud, but thank you very much for sending it asap <3
  13. Not too awfully long ago, but it was more than 24 hours ago. I saw other people got theirs within that timeframe usually though so I am wondering if it just normally takes longer than that, or if I just didn't give enough info in my E-mail or what.
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