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  1. I have returned the china gamepads and got 2x 360er controller for pc. They work perfectly. Would nice if this ever gets fixed. pOpY PS: i needed i can post a link to the amazon produc page of the china gamepads.
  2. thx for the hint. Now the platform video are running, but sadly my i3-3220 doesnt render it smooth. Anyway, thx and keep up the good work. pOpY
  3. Hey, trying to get platform videos to work. I have upgraded to Launchbox 7.2 and switched to CriticalZone 1.3 theme. Also i have downloaded and activated platform theme videos througth Launchbox. Video playing engine is: vlc. Sadly i dont see any platform video, just the default platform whele and informations on the right. Under th path "Launchbox\Videos\Platforms" there are the videos. Please, what i am doing wrong ? Is there any special view i have to select?
  4. Mee too but amazon refunds also after 1 month, so why not I had liked the bluetooth gamepads, because they was cheap and had an built in lion battery. If you like, i can post an link, so you can order and test one. pOpY
  5. @Jason Carr I have sent the Gamepads back to Amazon and they will be refunded Will try to get xbox 360 wireless Controller instead. Are the 360 Controllers 100% compatible with LaunchBox/BigBox? thx pOpY
  6. @Jason Carr When the fix is planned? Currently i and others cant use out gamepagds. Issue: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/1695/settings-for-scroll-speed-repeat-up-and
  7. Does this mean the scrolling issue with my bluetooth gamepad is fixed in this beta? Another questione, how can i'll get the beta? @Jason Carr ?
  8. thx a lot! I am here to test something, when its ready
  9. thx jason, hopping you can fix the BT gamepad is too sensitive issue. pOpY
  10. thx, also pushed/quoted your posts Hopejully jason can get his hands on this and we finally can use our BT gamepads soon.
  11. +1 i currently cant use my BT gamepads to navigate in BigBox. thx, hopefully we can use our "cheap" gamepads soon. If you need any tester, infos or logs, i am here! pOpY
  12. thx i have voted. Any chance that this will be fixed in the near future? Currently BigBox is unusable for me. thx
  13. Hey guys. First post Have installed Launchbox and using BigBox on my HTPC with my two bluetooth Gamepads. They are working but they are "sometimes" too sensitive! Ex.: System 1 is selected, press down (short, one time), System 7 is selected, when you press up System 3 is selected!? The gamepads are working fine in any System/Emulator but not in BigBox. Are there any setting too reduce the sensitivity of BigBox's Gamepad implemention? thx pOpY
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