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  1. I cant figure out how to get RPCS3 to close cleanly. I have an arcade setup and wanted to add VF5 but as there is going to be no keyboard I need the emulator to exit cleanly when I hit esc. I have tried searching around but came up empty. When I press esc it just exits fullscreen into windowed.
  2. Is it possible to get a playlist view working in this. I love the theme, but not being able to utilize playlists is a bummer.
  3. I figured I'd reply here with my solution for anyone in the future who sometimes forgets the details.(Like yours truly) I needed to install the official then overwrite with the no nag. Just had a brain fart and installed the no nag by itself.
  4. I just dont know why it didnt create all the proper folders.
  5. well i have an i5 3770k and a gtx 1080ti with up to date driver so i think this apparently incomplete install is most likely the issue.
  6. OK well the reason i wanted to do it was it didnt add games for platforms like naomi ect that i could assign a different emulator to. If i reimport will i then have to redownload all the media or will it recognize it already there. nm didnt see the uncheck media part
  7. Damn the crickets are chirping hard on this one lol.
  8. I ran mame but not with a command line. I can run games just fine. If i turn hlsl on it crashes when i try to launch a game. I went into the options and changed it to point to the raster and hlsl files but that didnt stop it from crashing. I'm unsure of how to run it with that command.
  9. damn it showed my failed attempt as well lol. anyway that is whats in my mame folder
  10. there is no mame/ini/presets path in my mame folder and creating one didnt do anything. do you know what im doing wrong
  11. I imported a mame 201 full set but forgot to uncheck the unplayable in mame filter. I wanted them so I could point them to the proper emulator later on through the playlists is there a way to add them in? I'm afraid to do another import because i dont know if it will add duplicate entries or force another download of all the media.
  12. Dude you just saved me hours of work thanks
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