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  1. well... this has not been resolved i see. I have this going on in my setup. I am running off an external drive
  2. for the last month, the "Automation" keys were working fine with MAME, then after trying to get some wii-motes to work with some light gun games, my 'Automation" keys stopped working. Yes, I can go into the MAME menus and set "exit" there, but what changed? Something a config file? Feels like i should be able to get back to the Launchbox Automation.
  3. Maybe I’ll also look fir aN AUTO HOT KEY forum.
  4. Ok trying to add Flash Games for my launchbox using Flash Projector. Problem is that there is no command line to start it in full screen. So, one has to hit CTRL-F once the player has loaded i feel like a Auto Hot Key script should work for this (window wait and send CTRL F command) . But I don’t know how to write that script. Anyone able to Help.? is this possible?
  5. Ok Controller Companion is a game changer. It just works when you need it. Ditch JoyToKey! Thank you LordMonkus for the suggestion
  6. Ok, I can NOT get JoytoKey to work. on rare occasions it kicks in but 90% of the time it does not. I have Windows 10 have have run it in Admin mode, Windows XP/ Windows 7/Windows 8 mode. NOthing. When I open JoytoKey i see it recognize the joystick (yellow highlight indicating button triggers) but it doesn't "kick in". What are you all using for AAE and other games that require mouse and keyboard and want to just the controller?
  7. oh bummer, didn't know that it was on a "wish list". It really would expand the possibilities of Launchbox
  8. Man, i am really wishing I could use the Additional Apps feature on an entire system or group of games. I'm going through and adding a JoyToKey start and JoyToKey stop on a zillion games individually. It would be great to be able to add them in bulk OR save the Name and path and have it easily selected.
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