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  1. sorry for bad english is not my lung
  2. hi guys the only problem i have is that with the background of the theme... see im not the creator of the theme, so if niglurion can upload backgrounds i wiil do the rest
  3. no i dont have any other if niglurion can upload just different backgrounds for every console or handheld i do the rest
  4. ok so here you are jus the images not very clear i can't better ones and i fix all fast... when i have time i give a better look. i didnt try on my Bigbox if any problem let me know.
  5. thinking to making a project for light gun games, the background is from Colecovision found empty if you have better one i will make again
  6. a Big big thanks for all the work mate :)
  7. is very beautiful thank you very much, when you have the time will be nice if you make xbox 360
  8. looks good i liket... can you make Xbox 360 and nintendo switch
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