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  1. treylasalle

    Mame not closing with controller automation in big box

    That's exactly what it was. Thanks!
  2. As the title says mame isn't closing while I'm using Bigbox. It only closes when I hit escape on the keyboard. I'm using about 3 different versions of mame and the other versions close perfectly using controller automation. Is there something I missed that is causing it not to close?
  3. No matter what I try to do I can't get this image to disappear from the big box wheel. When I clicked it, it showed one game that I deleted. It's still there. When I hover over the image the startup video for big box plays. Anyone have any idea how to get rid of it?
  4. I have an arcade joystick that has 2 usb zero delay encoders plugged in. It has been easy to configure with MAME and other emulators. I haven't been able to configure it with RetroArch. I have tried starting a game then going into the options and configuring everything from there. It simply won't save. Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. treylasalle

    Playlist Video Theme For Favorites

    This is awesome! Thanks!
  6. Sorry for not specifying, I know that it has crappy software on it. All I care about is the joystick. I can't find anything like it that acts as a standalone joystick.
  7. I just found a video that @ETAPRIMEmade showing them off. It appears to connect to a pc. Has anyone had experience with this?
  8. I'm looking to purchase a pandora's box with the 2 arcade joystick panel. Is it as simple as me connecting the pandora's box to my pc via usb and configuring the buttons from there? Has anyone tried this before?
  9. treylasalle

    Playlist Theme Video Requests...

    Can you make a video theme for my Favorites Playlist? I can't find one anywhere. Thanks!
  10. Does anyone have a Theme Video for their Favorites Playlist?
  11. I have some hyperspin video themes that are in a zip file. They don't come in an mp4 format. Is there any way I can convert them to mp4? Or do I have to just scrape them from YouTube? These are for pc games so they are a little harder to find.
  12. treylasalle

    Launchbox Licenses

    Hi,I had a question about Launchbox licenses. A friend of mine recently saw my Launchbox setup and wanted it on his computer. I have no problem dragging and dropping my Launchbox folder onto his computer but my concern is the issue with the Launchbox license. You guys have made an incredible program and deserve to be paid. Can I have him purchase a license from your website and can I just drop his paid launchbox license file in the launchbox folder, which would replace where my license was? Will everything work correctly?Thanks!
  13. treylasalle

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    Can someone make a clear logo for "Favorites", "Most Played", "Recently Played"? Thank you in advance.
  14. I want to be able to close these programs using my Xbox one controller instead of hitting escape. How can I do this?
  15. I highlighted in red what box a would like to get rid of. It blocks the videos.