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  1. Hi there! I really like your pause menu! But for my cabinet there is a bummer; I cant map my joystick to the menu-items. I am using a Xin-Mo Dual Player USB device; it works in every other emulator/launbox itself. Normally I will get a -1/+1 and a -0/+0 for the four directions of a joystick; in your pause-menu options they are not detected if I push them. Do you maybe got some Idea for a workaround? ^^ THX for your time, even if you got no clue why its not working:D
  2. Hey there, I had to re install my OS and tried to redownload my License.xml from the mail I got. It should be valid until 4 November 2017, but If i click on the link in the mail I get this: Is the link just expired? Or is it not possible to re-download my license? Thank you for you time!
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