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  1. OMG that was so easy. How could i miss that? All you have to do is move Screenshots - Gameplay to the top. Thanks @faeran
  2. @Jason Carr @C-Beats @faeran Guys i love the new Media Carousel and i have a question. Is it possible to make it so that the screenshot - gameplay is first and then screenshot - title? I can't find a setting in the options or GameDetailsView.xaml
  3. Everything looks alright on my end. Thanks @Mr. RetroLust
  4. @Mr. RetroLust My added code means that you can switch between the overview aka normal view where it shows the details like publisher, pictures or videos and so on and the achievements view where it shows you all the earned and unearned achivements. That code is also present in the GameDetailsView.xaml from the default LB Theme at line 230. That is where i got it from. I hope you get what i mean. Sorry for the huge pictures, found nothing to resize them
  5. @Mr. RetroLust Thanks for the improvements on your Theme. I noticed that in the default LB Theme there is an "Overview" tab next to the "Achievements" tab. But the Overview tab is missing in Neon Deluxe. Is this intentional? It's not a big deal, just asking. Also i added it myself. If anyone i interested, just overwrite Margin="0" with: Margin="6,0" Text="{TemplateBinding Header}" in the GameDetailsView.xaml
  6. @mrdennis is right. It works flawlessly. Thank you again @Mr. RetroLust and @C-Beats. That is really more than i could ask for.
  7. Thank you so much @Mr. RetroLust and @C-Beats. I will try that as soon as I get home. Really excited now 😀
  8. I totally understand this. However is it possible for me to edit the theme in that way, and if so, can you point me in the right direction? I have no experience in editing themes or xml files.
  9. @mrdennis That is a great idea showing the logos at the details bar. I adapted it for my own setup. Thanks for the inspiration. @Mr. RetroLust First of all, thanks for the awesome theme. I use it in Launchbox and BigBox. Is it possible to center align the images (logos in this case) in the details bar? And maybe add the screenshots underneath the logo?
  10. Hi Jason, first i want to say awesome update to Launchbox. The new edit window and OBS support is very nice. But it seems that the GOG importer is not working correctly. When i try to import from GOG i just get a blank import window. Import from Steam, Epic and so on works like it should. Also my GOG library is set to public. It doesnt work in LB 11.0 beta 2 and 3. It worked in LB 11.0 beta 1.
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