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  1. I LOVE this! It looks so rad! I'm really glad someone is getting use out of it, please keep it up!
  2. Ok that's my bad ...it's here now .. at the bottom of the page before the comments (Click on the Title ..not the "download this file" right there)
  3. So I just wanted to chime in as its been ..a million years, and a handful of folks have mentioned it so I figured I'd upload the raw PSD file of the main platform/ console view. It's in the downloads section for New Retro Big Box, ..I left a comment with the file in there. Have fun! @RetroRalph @Kittoei
  4. Hey all, so I've got Demul setup ...no issues with it actually launching into fullscreen. BUT what is weird is it will launch ..run through the dreamcast logo ..and then hang ...seemingly forever UNTIL I hit alt+enter. It will go into windowed mode and continue loading into the game ..and I can can go back into fullscreen and play just fine. Has anyone run into this? It's not crucial, but I intend to have launchbox in an arcade cabinet ..and it would be much more convenient to not have to hit alt+enter everytime I play a dreamcast game. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  5. OH man! Ok, It took a little messing around but it works! Thanks so much! I just needed to type it letter by letter.
  6. Hey thanks so much for the help! I copy and pasted this but it gives me this error. I must have bunked it somehow.
  7. Has anyone had any luck with exiting from games with the escape key? I'm playing Dragon's Crown and escape only goes into windowed mode. I'm not sure I totally get how to exit back to Launchbox.
  8. Duh, that makes sense. Thanks for your help!
  9. This is such a noob question, and I should know how to do this by now, but can someone point me to where I can change in bigbox how to use clear platform logos vs banners? I'm embarrassed to even ask but ..there ya go.
  10. So here's a question...at the moment my platform images are replacements for the banner images. That works well enough as long as you don't change views. Is there any reason you cant have images that aren't banners...that change while scrolling through the platforms. Is that sort of what Shinra was asking about? Also @eatkinola I saw you mentioning on the "Bedroom theme about converting the images into video ..I thought about this after making a few images. In your opinion ..is that a better decision than layer in images like Im talking about above?
  11. Gotcha, that makes sense, thank you so much, I'll toss together some mockups and test this out.
  12. When you say, "outside the theme folder" do you mean just that, they themselves would have to manually put the files where the live, considering that you can rename the platform folder?
  13. Great, thank you! Also, I haven't said so yet, but that theme is gorgeous, super clean, it feels really complete. You did really solid work on it, it shows. I really am just frankensteining stuff together, so I appreciate the help. Ok so my WheelGamesView just has the static background with game videos playing in a smaller box, so what I would be trying to accomplish would be platform specific background images ..so here is my code for just displaying the image as is. <!--BACKGROUND IMAGE--> <Image Source="pack://siteoforigin:,,,/Themes/New Retro Big Box/Images/Game wheel.png" Grid.Column="0" Grid.Row="0" RenderOptions.BitmapScalingMode="HighQuality" Panel.ZIndex="5" Grid.RowSpan="7" Grid.ColumnSpan="8"/>
  14. I don't believe I have anything right now code wise, (it's just a universal static image for all platforms at the moment) But I'll send you that regardless. So something I am realizing is that, to get videos to play where I wanted them, I did some hacky stuff that breaks things for other themes. For instance, for my theme to work, I had turned off "show game videos" and "show platform videos" in the options. I can't recall why I had to do that, but I realize that it's causing people trouble when they download it, so I need to find a better method for that. Are you ok with me digging in your code and snagging some of it if I can get it to work in my theme?
  15. So it looks like that bit of code is nested in a <Textblock.Text> header ...would that be necessary if it's pulling something different, ala a background image like we're talking about? I don't know enough code to know how necessary that header and footer are.
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