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  1. But I have same black screen than with Demul video option Never mind
  2. It works with this script : WinWait, ahk_exe demul.exe WinActivate, ahk_exe demul.exe Sleep, 3000 SendInput, !{Enter}
  3. I tried this , but it did not work #NoEnv WinWaitActive , Demul SetKeyDelay, -1, 110 Send {Alt Down}{Enter}{Alt Up} Return
  4. Thanks for answer It still does not work Forgot to mention I use Reshade
  5. Hi, If I set Demul to Fullscreen through Demul video option I have black screen. In windows mode, its OK, no black screen So I let it to windowed but I need a script (AHK) to launch Demul Fullscreen with launchbox, please Thanks
  6. Hi, Regarding Genocide 2 (4 disks) Im a bit lost. I start with disks 1 + 2 (System + Data1), then it ask me Data 2, so I put Disk 3 (Data 2) but nothing happen. Should I put Data 2 instead of Data 1 ? But I let the System disk ? That is what I did but it did not worked Thanks
  7. Now, its working fine for most of the games. In my case, all my files (chd, bin+cue, img, etc...) were not working through Mame. But when I added MameUI64 to Mame, all the files worked. Dont know why Anyway, I just have a problem with Prince of Persia. It boots, but ask a floppy Disk I think. I think I have the file (its a bin file) but Im unable to mount it in the disk Thanks
  8. I have another question : when I run Fm towns games trough mame (Mame UI64), I can not get out of the game with the auto shorcut from Launchbox. Is there a specific command line I have to set ? Thanks
  9. I see, Its really a pain in the ass to find working games files for FM-Towns
  10. Thanks Lordmonkus, I did not know that, For example I have the bin+ cue of Viewpoint (from Neo Kobe) and its not working. I have correct bioses because another game in CHD is working
  11. Thanks for your tuto Regarding the emulation of FM Towns through Mame/Mess, the games needs to be in CHD, right ?
  12. Hi Lordmonkus, You were right : the game was in Nec Turbografx 16 platform, but my platform name is just Turbografx 16 (without "Nec") Working fine now Thanks
  13. Hi, I have a strange bug : the turbografx game Formation Armed F dont start in Launchbox, nothing happen The emulator for this game is retroarch, and its working fine through Retroarch Another strange thing is that I created the game in Launchbox but it does not appear in Turbografx 16 games It only appears in all games Thanks for any help
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