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  1. You are a beautiful person. Thank you so much. This works perfectly!
  2. Tried that, but thank you.
  3. Hey guys, since I can't find an answer on the PCSX2 boards I figured I would ask if anyone here has any success. So I want to have my television as my second monitor. Every other emulator that I have set up will either automatically open on the television or there is an option to do so by default. PCSX2 is the problem. Have you guys had any success with having it open on your second monitor rather than your primary? Someone that is much better with autohotkey perhaps? Thank you in advance.
  4. Hello, I searched through the other topics but there wasn't a solution posted. I have a 4k television set to primary display along with a 1080p monitor as a second screen. My native display on the television is 3840 x 2160 (native). The marquees show up behind BigBox and I can't manually move them to the second monitor. Screen 2 is selected in options. When I change display resolution to 1080p or if I change my primary display to my second monitor the marquees show up as intended. Any solutions to keep my tv native resolution and have marquees show up on the second monitor?
  5. My premium license has expired so I don't think that i can update,unless you want to help a guy out? 😁
  6. I think we have similar issues going on. Any solution for you yet?
  7. When opening Big box, it show up in fullscreen in a weird resolution. I am running it on a 4k television at native resolution and I can only see the top left corner. Intro video plays correctly. Funny thing is that it has been running fine for a year now. I have two monitors, one 1080 and the tv is 4k. 4k is primary. When I change to the 1080 as primary it will show the same picture only not fullscreen. My premium license has expired so I am afraid I will not be able to update to the version I am currently at if I reinstall. Can anyone please help? I put in a lot of work and time setting Bigbox up so I would hate to lose it. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hey Jason, just wanna say I love bigbox and when I saw the recent demo video I updated to the beta version. Now my platform description text is much larger than what Im seeing in your video and others screenshots. Im using the criticalzone theme as well. Any idea why? Video downloads are taking a few minutes each now as well.
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