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  1. On a different note, under Launchbox's Community Leaderboards - Top Players: If I click on any given player all of that person's hiscores are listed, including rank. If I click on my own name it will say: "could not download hiscores". Is this a bug or am I missing something here?
  2. No, it's monsterb. MAME has fulfilled its part, so did hi2txt. So the problem in this case must be MAME's hiscore plugin. I haven't used mametesters.org before, but it has a section for plugins. I think this is where this bug report would belong.
  3. Yes, it shows 17300. I had not realised that I could open the *.hi file myself with hi2txt. Thanks for pointing that out. So I guess I would need to report a bug with mametsters.org ?
  4. Just wanted to give thanks to everyone involved, this is a great feature!! Played dozens of classic games and everything is working fine with the hiscore system :-) Found a bug on Monster Bash (monsterb) today though. Did a new hiscore of 17300, that was uploaded as 7301. monsterb.hi
  5. Thank you so much for this great theme! I have this running on my vertical setup and it really shines!!! 😊 Would you be willing to upload your project files so as to edit your theme with the Community Theme Creator? I really like your images/media-only approach. For me personally there are 3 bits of information that I would really like to add to your vertical theme, because I feel this would greatly enhance the experience: 1) Star Rating I have quite a few playlists that are sorted by star ratings. "Best of ..." style. Once I enter these playlists and move around it
  6. Same here. I recently finished a Daytona project with LaunchBox/BigBox premium and a Logitech G27. I was surprised to find that BigBox does not recognize the G27, given the amount of work and all the detail that Jason has put into his program. I love BigBox, but this is a setback. Let's hope that Jason finds the time to implement this feature. Anyone know if there is a poll or a feature request that I can vote on to bring this to Jason's attention? As a workaround: It is possible to create a Logitech profile for BigBox.exe, but after attract mode starts it loses connection.
  7. pahleto


    Apologies from me as well ... First ever post and already stirring up drama involving the heads of LaunchBox and EmuMovies ... This was never my intention as I greatly appreciate all the hard work done by the people behind LB, EM and everybody else in our community. Yes, this is "a gray area within a gray area" and the case of these bezels might be a bit unfortunate, because they are all based on free work done around the great MAME community. I do not object at all for offering a paid service for the HQ videos the people at EmuMovies have created. Also
  8. pahleto


    Metalzoic's bezels are only available at emumovies ftp Any chance of sharing these files for those of us that do not have access to their ftp? This would be greatly appreciated !! Thx
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