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  1. So, yep it looks like this is doable via a Plugin, likely with a custom control. I *MIGHT* attempt this, we'll see..
  2. I don't see how you could even do this with code. I've looked at the assemblies and the events and properties that the base ViewModel exposes, and I don't see anything that I could use to determine the right/left movement. I've submitted a enhancement request to expose "MoveLeft/MoveRight" as events, or at minimum to expose "last keypress" or "last action" for these. Unless there's some way to write a plugin that could hook very low level into the input stream, I don't know how to do this. If anyone knows of a way to do that, let me know. I have no issue writing something to do this.
  3. I'm creating a theme for multi-game driving cabinets. I want to be able to turn the steering wheel to the left when someone moves the game wheel left, and right when someone moves the game wheel right. I can create a "turn 15 degrees left, pause, turn back straight" animation for the wheel image, and one for right turn, but I'm not understanding if it's possible to trigger the left animation when the "move wheel left" action happens in BigBox. Any Suggestions?
  4. I would love to find a way to set my Ultimark U360 analog stick to 4 way on LaunchBox launch and after a game ends. Anyone have an AHK for that, and some instruction on where to apply it? Also, best way to automatically apply U360 settings per game? I used to use hypermap with HyperSpin but am not sure how to configure it properly with LaunchBox. Thanks.
  5. Welp.. Found my startup video. This is awesome. I've been looking for something that's just awesome, and says BigBox. no "Emulate the world" "hack the planet" "l33t g4m3z", etc.
  6. Scratch that, I'm an idiot, it's talking about \data\platforms\platform.xml, and I introduced the issue into that file. The issue remains however that Beta10 does not add the closing LaunchBox tag to the files in the platforms dir.
  7. I've attempted to try out the "platform from Preset Lists (arcade) for the All Killer lists (see attached image), and I get the following when I start Launchbox: turns out all of the .xml files in the Platforms dir do not have a closing LaunchBox tag. I'm also getting crap about LaunchBox\Data\Platform.xml, stating: data at the root level is invalid (line 3, postiion 13). Problem is, there is no Platform.xml. There is a Platforms.xml, however when I rename it to Platform.xml, I get the same error and still can't launch Launchbox.
  8. Following this intensely. Keep up the great work on this. I'm likely switching to Launchbox soon and this tool is key to getting me there. Can't wait for the next release.
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