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  1. I have a general question about the license. Can I change the name to who its Licensed to? I would like to change it to something a little cooler than my name. Thanks
  2. I just bought bigbox and I'm starting to set up a clean install on a new system. However, I ran into an issue with my SNK Neo Geo games. The .fs file which I'm assuming is the save file for the Roms is saving to the local file directory. Is there a way to move the save file to another location? I followed the launchbox tut for setting up NeoGeo Roms, so it's using retroarch to load the game. Any thoughts or tips would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Looks like I'll be buying something from Amazon after Christmas.
  4. @SentaiBrad, Thanks for recommendation. I just ordered one. This is a must for the N64 games, the Xbox controller just wasn't cutting it.
  5. Thanks for answering all my questions @lordmonkus
  6. Sorry about all the questions? Did you make any changes to the Xbox controller config? Im having a hard-time playing GoldenEye.
  7. Well all is working. Cant thank you enough! So Im trying out GLupeN64. All my games seem to be running great. So ill stick with this one. I do have a couple of questions thou. 1. What shaders do you run? 2. What controller are you using? Im having a hard time with my Xbox controller.
  8. @lordmonkus, I tried your first suggestion and you were right. My games were unable load up in RetroArch. It appears I had multiple ROM's (same game, different regions) zipped in the same folder. Makes since that RetroArch didnt know what to do. It is interesting that Project64 was able to open these files. At least now RetroArch was able to load a couple of games. So now I'm currently cleaning up my N64 library and will import back into Launchbox. Im sure this will resolve the issue. Again thank you for your help.
  9. Sorry to be a pain, but I ran into a similar issue this time with the Nintendo 64. Hoping you guys can take a look and see something I overlooked something. This is the exact same issue I had with the Famicom ROM's not loading. Then once I reloaded a clean version of Launchbox and installed The Famicom ROMS's first everything loaded right up. i also tried removing the .cfg file but it didn't seem to make a difference. If I load the game with Project64 all titles work, however once I try and load a game using RetroArch nothing opens up. I double checked all my settings in RetroArch and made sure I had the Mupen64Plus emulator downloaded. Not sure what else to try. Many Thanks in advance!!!!
  10. Frootloop, Correct, I uninstalled and Reinstalled Launchbox. It seems to have resolved all my issues. It was a lot of work but hopefully I learned something this time around
  11. This is exactly what I'm experiencing frootloop. You just explained it better. ** Update, So long story short I just rebuilt a clean ver. of Launchbox. I'm not sure why this didn't work the first time but now all of my Famicom ROMs are working I just went under Tools, Manage Emulators, selected RetroArch, clicked on Edit, then clicked on the Associated Platforms tab, Once I added Nintendo Famicom Disk System with the Default command line Parameters and placed the DiskSys.rom in the correct location. All is Good!! Go Figure. For me it was L:\LaunchBox\Emulator\RetroArch\RetroArch 1.3.6\system\Disksys.rom** ++ lordmonkus - Can you explain why this NstDatabase.xml is necessary? Also, will other systems need a custom .xml added to the system folder in RetroArch to load properly? If so where can I find these xml's? Thank You, everyone, that posted!
  12. Issue: Im unable to get Launchbox to launch any of my Famicom games. However, if I use just Nestopia ver 1.47 all my Famicom games launch with no issues. I also made sure the disksys.rom folder is in the RetroArch system folder. It appears I need to make a change to RetroArch so it knows where the games are or something. If I right click on a game, click edit, then select the Emulation tab, and change from RetroArch to Nestopia the game launches.The main reason i want to use RetroArch is because the Xbox controller all setup and ready to go. Going thru Nestopia I would have to use a seperate program to get it working correctly. Any ideas of what is wrong or any suggestion I can try?
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