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  1. nevermind someone made a post about this and made a autostart program
  2. So i have house of the dead 3 for pc. What happens when i launch it through launchbox is a window pops un and says install,play game,uninstall,ect. Is there any way to have windows or launchbox to just skip that and launch the game or do i have to use a mouse to select it every time.
  3. Sounds like a winner to me. I looked at some reviews and looks good to me. I'll pick one up and hope for the best.
  4. Maybe it's time for me to upgrade then. At least I know I should be safe with that one. I've always been a corsair fan. A lot of my accessories are there products.
  5. Maybe a firmware issue. I could try updating to see if that fixes it
  6. Maybe it specific to the corsair k55. I won't pretend I know how it does it. I tried opening and closing retroarch 50 times to make sure and it's smooth as butter. I just called my brother too to see what keyboards we wer using on his and guess what. The one that worked fine was a rosewill and the one that had the issue was the k55 as well. It has to be the issue
  7. No icue software on my computer. Now I had issues with that software with mortal kombat 11 on launch day and I deleted then. All I did to resolve the issue is plug a cheap $20 mouse keyboard combo and problem fixed
  8. You guys keep up the great work with launchbox.
  9. I agree. Corsair k55 rgb here. Whatever I'm just glad I can start my launchbox build again.
  10. Well I created a topic in retroarch forums and someone helped me fix the issue. So the fix was very silly and would have never figured it out. You guys ready for this. It was caused by a corsair keyboard! Not sure how but unplugging it fixed but it did. Thank again to all that helped me try and fix this.
  11. I will definitely do that. I have posted the issue on retroarch forums as well.
  12. My main rig has over 200 steam games everything is up to date on it. Same issues. I learned through this its not launchbox either.
  13. I have tried that version as well. Different driver in retroarch and menu driver as well. Launchbox is amazing and hopefully I get this resolved in the future so I can keep using it. I won't waist anymore of your time. If you guys are stumped too I'm doomed lol. Thanks for everyones help.
  14. The issue happens all the time. Fresh install from retroarch website on my Kingston 250gb ssd. It happens on my nuc Samsung m. 2 drive and my seagate hdd. All 3 different computers. This problem happens in launchbox, bigbox and opening program by itself. I have literally wiped windows downloaded only retroarch dx9 drivers, my gtx 1080ti drivers and that's it. I Will open it close it (changing games) and it will start to hang. I have made my startup apps disabled and only leave windows services to boot and that does nothing either. I think this is a lost cause. I'd buy a new computer if I'd kno
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