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  1. Not sure where to get help with this but i cant get the aimtrak to work in mame core. I can play with the mouse but as soon as i pull the gun up it the crosshair freaks out. i can get it to work on the standalone mame emulator but it stutters too much. Any help would be great.
    Loving this theme. Does anyone know how to add a number to total games when selecting a platform in bigbox
  2. Lol. I feel dumb but you are right. I have had launchbox long enough that i should had known that. Thanks for your help
  3. So when i open launchbox my boxart for my games takes up the whole window. I have tried zooming out and i have looked through the options but have no luck finding out how to see more than 1 game at a time. Any help would be awesome.
    This was perfect. All my platforms but 1 (itellivision)
  4. look at that. thats what it was i changed the windows file name from cps1 to capcom play system, deleted and re imported and it work. thanks alot
  5. I love this program and am still new to this but I have had 0 issues so far up until now. I'm sure its an error on my part but i need some help. On cps 1 and cps2 I click on them and nothing happens. I am able to play them directly through retroarch. I see there is no associated path for cps1 and 2 and by default its not there. So im not familiar with -L commands but i tried -L "cores\fbalpha2012_cps1_libretro.dll" and -L "cores\fbalpha2012_cps2_libretro.dll" but still nothing. Ive tried the nebula emulator but it just closes the program on almost every rom i try. Any help would be awesome
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