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  1. Yep, getting the same thing. Otherwise love it.
  2. I like....but is the video just cutting at :14 intentional?
  3. This may be one of those things where there are too few people to warrant the change. Anyhow...I wound up running my marquees through a batch in photoshop to change canvas size to 1920x1080 top relative so the images is on the top half thus appearing on the marquee monitor. Works perfectly.
  4. The slant also "rounds" the wheel...I think it enhances the aesthetics. Also...while it shouldn't be an issue for people it does place more focus on the selected game.
  5. Hi all.....just in the process of switching from Hyperspin (lack of progress into the world of HD did it!). I bought Launchbox well over a year ago now I think not sure if I would ever use it but to support the scene (and I liked Jason's approach and respect his faith :)) ANYHOO....I have a 32" 1920x1080 monitor resized to 1920x540 for my LCD marquee. As far as my marquee display is concerned, it's still its native 16:9 self (when I got it, I fought for a while to get the OSD moved fully into the monitor) though it is technically only the top half of the screen. Thus, anything on moni
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