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  1. i have only found one game that takes my scores. im not sure what to do oh oh two games now lol
  2. Thank you. This post helped me out big time!
  3. Under Default Command-Line Parameters enter: 3dnes --r= make sure you click CHECK on the box that says for No space before ROM (primarily for nullDC) or it will not work
  4. Retropie allows for multiple startup videos to play at random. Can we do that or can you add that feature.
  5. lostboyryan


    If you could add an arrange by: "broken games" to the menu in launchbox i would be greatful. Sometimes when we are playing games in bigbox we notice games that are broken or duplicates. I then mark them as broken so they no longer appear. If i could sort them by broken in launchbox i could then fix or delete. Thank you
  6. How do you have more than one video per platform and load at random?
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