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    Great plugin, now my HTPC is complete. Works flawlessly on Windows 10 with Launchbox 7.14
  1. When I exit a game, Kodi doesn't maximize afterwards, hence I have to use a keyboard to ALT+TAB to re-open it again, tried option to quit Kodi in addon and have it launch (script) Kodi after big box closes, but to no avail. Happens both when launching a game directly from your addon via "Platform" or opening Bigbox from your addon and exiting.
  2. I might be thick, but how do I run this on, for example, LibreELEC (thinking of linux support) as it needs the path to the BigBox.exe file? Or is it possible to have a frontend for LibreELEC and just use retroarch to launch the games? That'd be perfect.
  3. Is it possible to scale the images better? Atm it shows box art with some parts cut off. Using Kodi 17.1 Krypton with Eminence 2.0 skin.
  4. Launching Windows games now work flawlessly, big thank you for your hard work and recent update. However, some Windows games don't seem to have a cover downloaded (as opposed to in "normal" Launch box/Big box mode). Edit: Is it possible to (in the future) add screenshots instead of blank fanart? Using eminence 2.0 and the cover shows up but there's just a black window where fanart is for Movies normally. Love the plugin!
  5. Great to hear it, keep me posted on when the update is available, cant wait. Any other features added to the update?
  6. I can't get the addon to run installed Windows games (.exe files), is this a feature to be implemented soon or am I missing something? Emulator games run fine. edit: it scrapes Windows games, says Big Box encountered an error when trying to launch a game, dunno where the log file is located tho.
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