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  1. I like the 1983 Version much better. What we were looking for was to get something just like that but maybe instead of HBO letter flying it shows BIGBOX. When it gets to the O it goes inside and says Bigbox Feature Presentation or something like that.
  2. I would love this video too but sadly I don't have the skills either! My brother and I were discussing this weeks ago as a cool option for Startup Video! Very cool you thought so too!
  3. 10.15. I'm not sure what I did but was happy it worked! Can we not fix that glitch haha!
  4. I almost deleted my post because I found a workaround I posted in another area of Launchbox more specific on the request. I will have to participate in the next poll then. Where can I navigate to so I ensure I respond to polls? Essentially I found in Launchbox where you can edit the Columns in List View but not the Priority. I'm going to see what I can do in Bigbox as that part of Launchbox I know I can only edit columns but not priority. Kind of a dead issue unless there is a way to free up that priority in the coding like I did the columns.
  5. I will delete my posts in other areas so I don't double up but I would like this list view feature to make changes and have it save on closure. I have halfway figured out for those that don't mind messing with the code. If you go in Launchbox/Data/Settings in notepad you can edit the Column Field Order without needing to do it each time. Do this by searching for ListViewOrderedColumnProperties and there you can edit the order and it will save. Do not edit this in the LBTheme or you won't get your changes. However, when you go try to have it sort by they have a line below in the code that says IndexPriorities. You cannot edit this numbering and get your Sort by to work. Not even if you make the First Column what you want to sort by. I hope this helps people get part of the way there without having to make more changes every time you open Launchbox. I would love for the Priority to be editable.
  6. I have a question that is sort of related. How do I get Big Box to sort my games by Star Rating? I have tried unlocking.
  7. Castlevania Sound Pack View File Why is there no Castlevania Sound Pack? Well here you go! I claim no ownership of these files. I had the Intro/Prologue in .mp3 format and converted it to .wav. Then, I narrowed down the effects I thought fit best from the NSF SoundBoard. Enjoy! Submitter Seraph Submitted 03/10/2019 Category Big Box Sound Packs  
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Why is there no Castlevania Sound Pack? Well here you go! I claim no ownership of these files. I had the Intro/Prologue in .mp3 format and converted it to .wav. Then, I narrowed down the effects I thought fit best from the NSF SoundBoard. Enjoy!
  9. @Lordmonkus Can we make a list for every console to include the best Standalone emulator and then best core or have an alt emulator so there are two listed for each console? It seems like this list didn't cover everything I was wondering about. It would also be cool to see that in an FAQ that gets updated. Do we have anything like that on this site anywhere? Maybe a table with 4 columns: Accuracy (closest to the console itself or reference Emulator or core if it's the same for this cell) Speed, Performance (higher graphics/music), and Retroarch core. I think that would cover a lot of questions for people going forward. Thank you all in advance.
  10. Thanks Brad! I commented on issue #1678 and created #2777. I will look into your coding tutorials.
  11. This is my first post so I don't know if I need to break up my requests for added features per request. 1. It would be nice just as consolidation does have a Bulk Default Game Version selection option. One with options such as Prioritize USA or even a checkbox to prioritize USA but if a Rev A exists prioritize that one. It would cut down on manually telling the system what to select. 2. On the Bulk Edit have a Star Rating option where you can take selected titles and give them 5 stars for your top games or 4 stars for your honorable mentions, etc. I kust thought it saves time manually going through each title for rating on certain games. I won't be rating everything but just stuff I'm likely to play. 3. A tutorial file or feature video for using XAML in notepad to quickly edit items in Themes. I took some time and figured out how to get a Theme I liked to have a text that is easier on the eyes or if I want to edit to give my headings a Starcraft or Diablo font in a few seconds I could do that. I was able to edit two files for Heading and Body. Also, I'm still currently figuring out how the image source works and how I could quickly change it to grab images in my Theme/Images folder. Anyway, just a few suggestions of the top of my head so far. This LaunchBox/Big Box frontend is amazing!
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