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  1. Nice! Been looking forward to see the X68000! Just curious if you happen to be working on the PC-88 & 98 also?
  2. @clockw3rk I'm not sure why you are editing DLL files to add / change color. All I do is edit COLORFUL_Styles.xaml found in LaunchBox/Themes/COLORFUL - Light/Views/Styles/. Simply adding "<SolidColorBrush x:Key="Sega Lindbergh" Color="#e8bb42"/>" as a new line under platforms.
  3. Happy new year! Sega ST-V. #4957a1 Sega ST-V_H264_HD.mp4
  4. And last one for 2021! Sega Chihiro. #0e7acd Sega Chihiro_H264_HD.mp4
  5. Thanks! Had a bit of free time in the Holiday. I updated Namco System 22, saw there was a minor flaw in the render. Already on the Dropbox. Also added Namco System 11. #fa584f Namco System 11_H264_HD.mp4
  6. Thanks. I added in the color codes for all of the posts above.
  7. Sammy Atomiswave #30ae6e 1488433635_SammyAtomiswave_H264_HD.mp4
  8. Another one! Namco System 22. #fa584f Namco System 22_H264_HD.mp4
  9. Hey again. Decided to do the Sega Naomi + Sega Naomi 2 arcade videos. #ef8310 @viking Files are in the same link. 858493258_SegaNaomi_H264_HD.mp4 Sega Naomi 2_H264_HD.mp4
  10. Merry Christmas! Randomly decided to do the Sega Model 1 Arcade. Heavily based on the Sega Classics resource, with some color updates and new footage. #449cec @viking I'll send you a download link Sega Model 1_H264_HD.mp4
  11. Simply wondering if I can create my own menu items. For example for PCSX2, F2 is cycles through the state staves (and Shift + F2 for cycling backwards). As it currently stands you can only access 1 slot to save and load from, in the pause menu.
  12. I just tested running the EXODUS version through DOSBOX pure in retroarch, and had no problem with cutscenes.
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