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  1. Very torn between V1 and V3, but I think I'll vote for the 3rd.
  2. This one looks great! Works way better without the white border. Just wondering how video would be implemented with this one?
  3. @viking Hey, did one for Taito Type X2 earlier. Files are in the same link I sent to you previously. Really wanted to do PC-88/98 machines also before sending it over, but too busy with work these days. Taito Type X_H264_HD.mp4
  4. When on the Platform Wheel view, is it possible to enable the alphabetical sort? Just like the game list, where you can go straight to the letter you want.
  5. What is the correct source then? Just realized this thread had gotten replied, don't think I got notifications on it. I really don't like accepting files that have spotted viruses / trojans in them, even if people say they're safe - it seems to be quite the risk to take to just run an arcade game. Wonder why so many of these launchers have a false positive(assuming that's the case)? I'm back to looking into this again, still never got my Taito Type X set up properly. I tried downloading the GameLoader RH from EmuCR and Emuline, and it refuses to download (via Mega). Possibly due
  6. Added a simple Sony Pocketstation as well Sony Pocketstation_H264_HD.mp4
  7. Another one! Mattel Intellivision. Mattel Intellivision_H264_HD.mp4
  8. @viking Hey, here's the updated FM Towns Marty. Think it's pretty much done, unless you see some obvious flaws? How do I go about sending all the video and source files? FM Towns Marty_H264_HD.mp4
  9. Decided to start with FM Towns Marty. Low res preview attached, 15 first sec as a quick export. Gonna add some games / accessories also, most likely finish it over the weekend. Just went through the process to make sure everything is clear. Considering removing the slow part of the boot up intro, just keeping the logo. Originally wanted to do PC-98 and PC-88... but so hard to find any high quality photos to base it on. That's originally why I asked for the other video resource. FM Towns Marty.mp4
  10. I was thinking about consoles that haven't been covered by the Colorful theme. For example taking the Console / Machine, rescale and position it, add a stack of games or accessories, redo the shadow, change the background etc to fit colorful. Was just thinking of it as an easy entry-point to cover more of the consoles.
  11. Hey @viking Just wondering if you have released the resources from the Nostalgia video set? Just thought maybe some those assets could be reworked to fit the Colorful style.
  12. Thanks, I can confirm the former works! I actually had tried adding that %romfile% line - but not actually running it - because of the file path remaining at the end.
  13. Hey all. I'm trying to place a parameter at end of string, is this possible? What I'm trying to do: yuzu.exe -g "FULL\PATH\TO\ROM\FILE" -f But currently I can't move the -f to end of string: yuzu.exe -g -f "FULL\PATH\TO\ROM\FILE"
  14. I've been looking for something like this. But any chance you could apply a video time crop? For example: the plugin / search might find a 5min video, but crops it to 30 sec if the settings is set to crop to that. Would make it a lot more useful, instead of downloading lengthy gameplay videos. As well as higher compatibility in finding videos that can be used.
  15. Unsure if this is possible? I haven't seen any option where I can adjust the PDF viewer. I simply wish it to open the Manual at full screen, uncropped. So I can simply jump to next page, also having it full screen uncropped. I think this would be a lot more pleasant user experience, compared to how it is now (all zoomed in on opening a manual).
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