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  1. Simply wondering if I can create my own menu items. For example for PCSX2, F2 is cycles through the state staves (and Shift + F2 for cycling backwards). As it currently stands you can only access 1 slot to save and load from, in the pause menu.
  2. I just tested running the EXODUS version through DOSBOX pure in retroarch, and had no problem with cutscenes.
  3. If I remember correctly, Teknoparrot doesn't support rotating screen. Googled about it in the past and saw a lot of people asking the same question regarding these games. Might have to use some 3rd party app to make it work. EDIT: I Just checked my own install of the game. Yes it runs horizontally, but I have adjusted the controls to match that orientation, so I wouldn't say it's "unplayable". It's just not 100% matching how it's meant to be.
  4. Totally agree you can't make sure you don't trip a single third-party software, as there are so many chance of false positives that could happen there. As long as Microsoft Defender doesn't throw a fit, should be all good.
  5. Same. BB runs but not LB. I just checked the windows antivirus and saw it had flagged and removed some LB .dll files. So... what to do? Why were these all of a sudden flagged? EDIT: I ended up rolling back to 11.13 for now. Then LB works. I did a scan again of the LB folder afterwards, and the 11.14 installer was flagged. Everything else was fine.
  6. Just tested and it does the job! Don't mind it taking a bit longer to convert, as long as it's working. Bug / inconvenience: Getting 50++ pop-ups I have to close individually after parsing. It's every game it doesn't find. I think the list given at the end of which games didn't download is enough.
  7. @maikeru1986 No worries regarding the "request", more of an "This would be awesome in the future"-idea, but obviously something that would require a lot of work. Not expecting anything. Definitely fixing the timeframe bug would be the biggest actual request, so it's in a workable state. Would the AviDemux work to fix it as C-Beats mentioned? Using that codec instead? I see they have dev tools and it's open source. Thanks for the suggestions @C-Beats, been looking for a Windows app to do that.
  8. Thanks! Just did some testing of it. I trimmed them all, some worked fine and some have a dead 3-4 sec at the beginning of the video where only sound plays. If it wasn't for this, I'd say it's quite successful at what it's meant to do. I added a video as an example. I also experienced it getting stuck on a video download, where I just had to cancel. I know this is probably way too much, but in the future I would have loved to be able to preview video, pick the right one and set manual adjustments (start and end) for each of them. Would be a bit more work on the user end when doing that, but would assure the proper video clip and part is downloaded. Demon's Souls.mp4
  9. For people who just want to import the roms + it's predefined launcher & configuration: I simply copied the "C64 Dreams" to an external drive(or anywhere else you want) and imported the .VBS files from the "Games" folder into launchbox and let it parse it. Imported as "None of the above" when prompted for type of file on import.
  10. Thanks for this! I was able to implement it into Launchbox. I have had no luck with previous emulators (UNZ and MAME). This was very straight forward and easy to set up. Just make sure to download the ROM folder they link to on their page, as you need this to launch CD roms also (need to guide emulator to ROM folder in command prompt). The only problem I'm facing now is making it full screen, as I can't see a command working for it. I currently use the scaling feature + Borderless gaming (Windows App) to make it full screen. Default parameter to make it work with scaling. Replace FULLPATHTOYOURROMFOLDER with the path and keep quote-signs. "FULLPATHTOYOURROMFOLDER" -CD %romfile% -scale 180 The emulator overall seem to work quite good now. A few audio glitches. It's also nice to see it continues to have active development.
  11. Thats good. So I did try downgrading to 1.9.4, and initially had the same behavior. Then I noticed the "No space before ROM" box was ticked off. Turning this off made 1.9.4 work fine! This box has clearly been ticked off for several years for me and worked fine in RA 1.9.0 and below. Now I didn't get the chance to check if this would change anything for 1.9.5. But I'm gonna assume there is some other faulty thing going on there if you couldn't get this to run while having that unchecked.
  12. Yep. I used same folder name (renamed previous folder to "RetroArch OLD" as a backup).
  13. Hey. I tried updating RetroArch, but now none of the games work anymore. I copied over my saves, states, system files and config to make sure it was the same. All cores has been downloaded, no missing cores. I experienced 2 different behaviors when trying to launch games: 1) It just opened RetroArch, but didn't load core / game. 2) It just closed right away, nothing launched. I updated from RetroArch 1.9.0 to 1.9.5. I had similar behavior when trying to update to 1.9.3, which was last time I tried to update. All previous updates of RA has previously worked fine until this point.
  14. Good job! If you update it in the future, my only comment would be regarding the reflection on the screen, as the new one is lacking the contact / drop shadow on the screen itself, where the edges meet. You had this on the previous sketch you posted, which added a bit more depth and realism to the reflection itself. I've added screenshot to show you what I'm referring to. Consider this just a nitpick.
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