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  1. Hey. As someone with a ton of systems, some being quite out there and different from your standard ROM folder, I have several suggestions of how the automatic import tool could be improved to accommodate setups like my and other more complex platforms. Mentioning specific features and platforms below that comes to mind: 1) Per-Platform Automatic Import. This would help implement the feature even if all platforms doesn't work perfectly. Instead of a all or nothing option as it is now. 2) .M3U priority. Let the importer have an option to prioritize to only import the .m3u and ignore additional rom files in the same folder for multi disc games. An additional and optional step to this import improvement would be to automatically generate a .M3U for the games when a multi-disc game is detected. 3) Ignore sub-folders. For certain consoles, like Nintendo Switch, I have Updates and DLC in Subfolders within the same platform. Sine they are all .NSP, they get detected as games and LB tries to import them as games. The option to ignore sub-folders would resolve this problem. 4) TechnoParrot. Games are loaded through XML files in the "UserProfiles" folder in the roof of the emulator folder, but can belong to several different arcade platforms. It not only would need to be able to detect and determine which console the game belongs to, but also to add a launch option of "--profile=NAMEOFXML" for each game. 5) FM Towns. It uses .Cue-files for the TSUGARU emulator. Would be good to prioritize the .cue and ignore other files in the same folder. 6) ExoDOS, C64 Dreams, ExoWin3x and other repacks, listed as MS-DOS, Commodore C64 etc in LB. These are really complicated and can essentially be implemented through importing the XML to the platform folder. As these platforms wouldn't need much of auto-import, it would be good to be able to exclude them from the auto import. 7) Classify Windows game into specific platform (3x, 95, 98, XP, Vista, etc) As an option it would be nice to automatically import Windows games to the era-specific Windows version it belongs to. 8) Use MAME import data for MAME Software consoles. Such as Casio Loopy, Casio PV-1000, Bally Astrocade, ColecoVision, Epoch Super Cassette Vision, TigerGame.com, etc that are found inside the properly named folder.
  2. NEC PC-8801 Hardware provided by @gspawn Uploaded source to the usual folder. NEC PC-8801_H264_4K.mp4
  3. Exactly! I have seen some videos of it emulated, like here. No comments allowed on video lol. Seems the official support in MAME is just preliminary as the is no official software list.
  4. I know this should be possible through MAME... but I honestly don't know which Software folder the roms are in either. Can't seem to find any info about this. Usually the roms are in a very similar name as the console itself, but there is no P2000T folder in the Software Roms.
  5. Great update! Regarding the new theme, I would love to be able to see Game Title on selected game, without having to enable it on all games and without having to use the game details bar. I have a lot of Japanese games on various platforms, and now I can't see the title on them without enabling those other features which clutter the design (in my view). I know you can hover games, but definitely think it's just easier to have the name visible below while it's selected.
  6. @viking Someone might have asked before, but wondering if you're planning on creating a Windows XP video? (been digging into retro PC gaming lately 😇)
  7. @viking Great work! The PNG set hasn't been updated with these though?
  8. Great update! Comments below on the ones I think caught my eye the most: PlatformWheel3FiltersView - Looking good! PlatformWheel9FiltersView - I really like the full bleed color and minmal type design on the top part, but not really a fan of the icons at the bottom. - Perhaps it's only names (white on BG color) at the bottom? - Also would love for video playback to work on this. WheelGamesView - I like what I'm seeing! HorizontalWheel2GamesView - It's a cool concept. HorizontalWheel3GamesView - This would video backgrounds would be nice! - Have fade be platform color instead of black? - I probably prefer the next one of the netflix-styles. HorizontalWheel4GamesView - This is quite nice. I would simplify / remove the arrows and line below the cover art. Would rather haves slightly bigger covers than those big arrows. - Have fade be platform color instead of black? - Would be really sleek to have video backgrounds on this. Wall3GamesView - There is definitely something Wii / Nintendoesque going on here that's interesting. But it's also a lot too much bloom at the moment. - Perhaps background video could look similar as Wall3GamesView, but with white fading instead?
  9. @viking Looking good. Hope you don't mind I meddled a bit with the design. Please ignore any color / font / traced icons, just did it quite quickly. PlatformWheel3FiltersView - I think it would look cleaner if the text and info box is inside the left bar, instead of overlapping the video / image. - I did a simplification exercise below, of how to make the info box more minimal. - Personally I think A-1, A-5 or A-6 looks the cleanest. A-1 A-2 A-3 A-4 A-5 A-6 PlatformWheel8FiltersView - Tested this one with a bit different type layout and sane PNG layout as the videos. If they used the same layout as the videos, it would be easy to just have the colorful videos fade in on top(naturally the logo behind would disappear then, but that's fine)? - Also did a test with logo behind the PNG instead of just text. B-1 B-2 B-3 B-4 B-5
  10. Great! My preferences and comments: PlatformWheel3FiltersView - The classic and clean look. - Wouldn't mind to see further simplification though. (Thoughts: Remove thin white line over control inputs. A version without description and bigger platform name? Simplify the Game / Player box. Is it also necessary to say "Press A"? Just thinking of ways it could be a bit more cleaner and minimal) PlatformWheel9FiltersView. - I like the big and bold expression. - Would love this with video support. Have the platform name fade out and video start when left selected. (Or basically it's just the video fading in over the PNG + Text under it)
  11. Is it possible to get a Platform view in the 2.0 version that is more or less the same as the 1.X version Platform Wheel 1? Where it shows the System Name / Logo / Year of release, then show the full 16x9 video before it slides to the side etc? In some ways I just find it cleaner, but also helps the entire experience be more cohesive when certain platforms aren't covered by the Colorful theme yet. In the 2.0 they really stand out as you notice it right away when scrolling that the hardware image is missing. Also, how do you edit the colors / custom names for the 2.0 version?
  12. @viking These look great! And yes it seems accurate to me. Chihiro was mainly in the Sega Net City cabinet (or custom cabinets per game). Regarding Namco System II, I meant the one that is already done. It's on the Dropbox.
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