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  1. I was literally about to post about this- great minds think alike! My issue is, it can be difficult to figure out what's best to do when a Mature rating is submitted for a game that came out before the current ESRB rating system- or maybe there's an 18+ PEGI rating for a game that wasn't released at all in North America (so never got rated by the ESRB, but has been rated by other agencies.) My question is whether it's more important to have games with "mature content" flagged as such, or have the ESRB ratings identical?
  2. Found an interesting article about the effort to preserve disappearing Amiga games: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-12-03-your-amiga-games-are-likely-dying
  3. OK another couple of questions: Does the WikipediaURL field need to be a Wikipedia address unequivocably? If there is no Wikipedia entry should a URL to another website be accepted? What kind of video should be accepted in the VideoURL field? A contributor linked to an extended youtube playthrough of the game, I assume this is not what we're looking for?
  4. So I was recently surprised to be made a Moderator of the Games DB, and lacking a current set of Guidelines I just have a few questions: 1. Does the Games DB include (Or should it include), Game Mods (Doom wads for instance? I'd like to add some of the more 'legit' mods that are practically unique games of their own.) What is the policy on fan-made or non-commercial releases? 2. What about Collectors Editions vs Regular Editions, would these go in as seperate entries if they were released at different times with different artwork but essentially the same game? 3. Should overviews of game
  5. I collected my AimTrak from the post-office the other day & I've been messing around with it in MAME. So far it's been pretty good fun. There's been a few glitches but it seems like it's just the MAME emulator, and usually it's with games that have a different control config (i.e. machines with a joystick mounted gun controller). Getting the controller set up correctly in MAME for the various types of machines is probably the biggest obstacle (I find MAME Arcade makes it easier). You can also set it to emulate a joystick with the Ultimarc software but I haven't felt the need to bother
  6. Cheers Mute I did some more searching and managed to find them at a place called austinamusements.com.au I e-mailed them this afternoon to make sure, and they said they'd had a fair amount of trouble with customs themselves. Apparently having their orders held up for months, or being returned to sender in the UK. The ones they have now are in Australia, so they assured me there won't be any issues with delivery. Awesome!
  7. Hi all, first time poster, long time Launchboxer. I wanted to get people's experience/opinions/advice on an issue I've run into as an arcade-shooter fan living in Australia, & also post this a caution to anyone in Aus who might be thinking of buying a light gun from overseas. I was about to spend approx. $170 AU on importing an AimTrak Lightgun from the US, having learned that they're the most compatible across a wide range of games & emulated platforms. Then I ran across some people online saying that they've had their arcade guns seized by Australian customs as 'Replica or
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