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  1. It seems so. I now use mame2003_libretro, and it's working perfectly, without the game info screen, except when there's a known issue with the game (which is fine).
  2. When I load the Mame0.174 core (mame_libretro), the option section gives me a "nocoreoptionsavailable" Why is that?
  3. Indeed. And again thank you for the useful info: with a little explanation, it makes much more sense...
  4. CPU speed 1.60GHz to 2.70GHz. I know Intel Graphic chips are not very fast but I can play Dirt Rally with relatively high specs on it, so an old PSX game shouldn't be a real issue imo. Still, since Retropie is also based on RetroArch and the Pi 2 and 3 are running PSX iso's just great, why should a NUC have troubles running it? It's way faster. Or is it the OS ("Big Bertha" Windows 10) that makes the whole difference?
  5. Strange thing, my NUC is not that slow (Intel i5 5th gen, and a quite fast Intel HD Graphics 6000, 8Gb HyperX mem). My Pi 3 is also very capable of running these games without any troubles, so I wonder what the problem is (or was). Anyway, the issue is now gone so I'm happy, thanks for the useful information!
  6. The Frame Delay was already at 0, I've set the Hard GPU Sync Frames back to 1, working great. So the Frame Delay at 1 was my issue then? And yes, I'm using the shader crt-easymode.cg (not the best one I agree...)
  7. Just did what you said, and.... it's working great with Hard Gpu Sync On. Such a little detail, Hard Gpu Sync Frames from 0 to 1, but that made all the difference. I've tested it with the intro of Megaman 5X (which is my reference to test this), and it's just fine! Edit: Still a few sound issues sometimes, so I changed Hard Gpu Sync Frames to 2, and reduced the Frame Delay from 1 to 0, and now it's clean!
  8. That worked for me too! It's recommended to switch this on, but in my case, it's ruining the sound during large intros like Megaman X5 or 6 on the PSX (Intel NUC i5 & HD6000). Now, it's smooth. Thanks for sharing this...
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