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  1. @OmenBoy thanks for the video. I had Rocket Launcher set up from my HyperSpin setup but I recently changed over to use LB/BB as my new go-to front-end. One question I have was the button you used for the Pause menu. Your bezels show the Home button. Have you managed to map the Guide button on the Xbox controllers? I think that is the ideal button to use, but it cannot be mapped in Windows or with a 3rd party tool like xpadder. I have some basic Rocket Launcher knowledge so I'd be happy to answer any questions I can.
  2. Hi everyone. First post to the forum. Thanks for all of the help thus far. I'm in the process of adding Daphne to LaunchBox and this tutorial had been a HUGE help. Thanks for the time. I'm running into a problem where my DL and DL discs are read fine, which decrypts the necessary files, but my Space Ace disc will not seem to work. Has anyone run into this problem? And how has everyone decrypted Thayer's Quest?
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