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  1. A simple restart seems to have fixed the focus issue.
  2. I'm on beta 5 and noticed Big Box is not regaining focus on exiting MAME or Retroarch.
  3. 11.5 beta 2 fixed the issue! The issue occurred when opening any game with Startup Screens enabled with either Retro Console or Simplified (I have seen other affected startup themes as well on the forums). The mouse cursor would disappear and nothing would load. There would be a Launchbox Game Startup window that opened behind LB. I would have to restart in order to get the mouse pointer back. Games loaded fine with default startup theme, or no startup themes at all.
  4. OK, I've been able to pinpoint this issue. It must be related to startup screens. When startup screens are off, games load fine. When the default startup theme is enabled, games load fine. When either Retro Console or Simple Detailed Startup themes are enabled, the mouse disappears and a Launchbox Game Startup window opens behind LB. I have only experienced this behavior after upgrading to 11.4 (from 11.2). I'm happy to provide additional info. @degetalwolf experienced the same issue with a couple of other themes in the thread below.
  5. Well, in the process of trying to connect my drive to another PC, my external fell off the tower. Now I just get a faint pulsing sound. Gonna need a new drive. It will be a while until I can test this out again. I'll revert back once I'm up and running.
  6. I am running Windows 10 and MAME 220, but this occurs across all emulators. I will try turning off startup screens. I am using RL, but not for every platform.
  7. Sorry for the lack of details but there really are none other than what I said. Games do not load, no error message, and a new blank window opens behind LB titled Launchbox Game Startup. Mouse disappears and I have to kill LB/BB via task manager. Same happens when launched in BB. I tried a reinstall of 11.4, but that didn't fix it. I then rolled back to 11.2, and everything works fine.
  8. I rolled back to 11.2 from the link @Jason Carr provided in another thread. Everything working again.
  9. I recently updated from 11.3 to 11.4. the update finished without any issues and I restarted as directed. I attempted to start a MAME game, but nothing loads. The mouse cursor disappears and I noticed a new window, Launchbox Game Startup, is open when I Alt+Tab. Any ideas on what the issue is?
  10. My wife is going to love it when I tell her that I'll be spending the rest of Valentine's Day (Night) updating my Refried theme.
  11. I'd love some help too. I've been trying to create some pixel art for the background of my cabinet's control panel. I am not good at it, and what I've done is too 2D, lacking any shading/depth.
  12. Same here. I came from Hyperspin/RocketLauncher. I got frustrated that Hyperspin was not natively widescreen and that RocketLauncher was no longer being updated. I've since abandoned RocketLauncher now that startup screens are now a part of LB/BB. I'm a huge fan of launchbox and the community.
  13. Yes, that's correct. But you also need to set a theme switch key. Then use that key to switch the theme for each add-on system to the add on theme.
  14. I recently noticed (on 9.3) that whenever I download media through the import wizard, the process initially works fine, but the progress bar stalls at the very end and the final file never finishes downloading. I am forced to cancel, close LB, re-import without downloading from LBDB or Emu, then manually download media for the last game. Anyone else having this issue?
  15. Awesome find! Can you share the link?
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