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  1. My wife is going to love it when I tell her that I'll be spending the rest of Valentine's Day (Night) updating my Refried theme.
  2. I'd love some help too. I've been trying to create some pixel art for the background of my cabinet's control panel. I am not good at it, and what I've done is too 2D, lacking any shading/depth.
  3. Same here. I came from Hyperspin/RocketLauncher. I got frustrated that Hyperspin was not natively widescreen and that RocketLauncher was no longer being updated. I've since abandoned RocketLauncher now that startup screens are now a part of LB/BB. I'm a huge fan of launchbox and the community.
  4. Yes, that's correct. But you also need to set a theme switch key. Then use that key to switch the theme for each add-on system to the add on theme.
  5. I recently noticed (on 9.3) that whenever I download media through the import wizard, the process initially works fine, but the progress bar stalls at the very end and the final file never finishes downloading. I am forced to cancel, close LB, re-import without downloading from LBDB or Emu, then manually download media for the last game. Anyone else having this issue?
  6. Awesome find! Can you share the link?
  7. So I remoted into my PC. There are so many different ones now that I am looking. Fighting Vipers has (5S) and (6S) versions Fighters Megamix has (RE) Last Gladiators has (4S) and (5S) Minnesota Fats has (R) NBA Jam TE has (3S) NHL All-Star Hockey (1S) and (2S) NFL '97 has (Rev A) NiGHTS into Dreams (RE) Panzer Dragoon (1S) and (5S) Street Fighter The Movie (8S) There are a few other. There MUST be an explanation somewhere. In the end, it doesn't REALLY matter, but i just NEED to know lol.
  8. Definitely not iPhones lol. Just to make sure I'm not breaking any forum rules, it is the "Not Light Aqua" set which is all bin/cue. For instance there is Fighting Vipers (USA) (4S) and Fighting Vipers (USA) (5S). I'm not home right now so I'm not sure which games had RE, but there were multiple instances of each throughout the USA set.
  9. Hey everyone. Random question, but I was looking at a certain set of Saturn roms. I know they identify different versions, but does anyone happen to know what 4S, 5S, RE, etc. actually stand for? This obviously doesn't impact playing them, but i just feel like I "need" to know. Thanks
  10. Has there been a set of these done for Refried?
  11. Yes, I found those after searching through some threads but saw they were from older sets. Right now, everything is up to date and works, so I'm a bit hesitant to try. I always end up breaking something when I set it to "improve" it. Thanks
  12. Ah Ok. Our process is the same. It just never crossed my mind to manually check off the files from the list generated by TC. I always let the hash check run to figure it out. And the CHDs are easier, I just get the update file and overwrite the old CHDs. Then I use TC to remove the unnecessary files/folders. Thanks. Do you happen to know a way to copy roms/chds out of a full MAME set to keep separate folders for CPS1, CPS2, NAOMI, etc? I'd like separate platforms (not playlists) in LB so I can use different emulators for each.
  13. What step am I missing to only grab the missing files once I run TC?
  14. Well, I managed to get my sets updated. For those looking for a solution, I point the download to the old set, the download client performs a hash check and downloads everything else it needs. I then use TorrentCheck to remove all unnecessary files/folders. I'm sure most people know how to do this but I figured I'd share anyway.
  15. I found the guide for updating MAME romsets. Is there a good one for updating Software Lists?
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