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  1. Was there a video done for Atari Jaguar CD? I couldn't find it in the list?
  2. If you use criteria for an auto-populate Arcade system playlist, and a you would like to add a particular game that does not meet the criteria, you could just add new criteria that specifically identifies the game (and only that game) that you want.
  3. Ah, did not know that. Awesome stuff! Is there any way to maintain favorite status during a re-import?
  4. When updating the rom set, I would remove all MAME roms from the library, and then re-import the updated set. Doesn't clearing out all of the MAME roms from the main library empty all playlists?
  5. Thanks for all the replies guys. I think @Retro808 hit it. Those 4 are classified as hacks. I had no idea. As far as "dayton93" goes, that XML must be outdated as I remember updating my set recently and one of the updates was a name change from "dayton93" to "daytona93" Since some of these playlists need to be created manually (Model 3, Naomi, etc), is there a process for maintaining these playlists when we update the rom set? I haven't tried yet, but was thinking I could copy the playlist files from the LB folder, then put them back after a new import. Would hat work? Is there be a
  6. The last attempt at importing is detailed above. I unchecked the box for skipping unplayable ROMs, so I thought that would include everything. I left everything else checked (skipped). But as was mentioned before, that option causes all sorts of devices/machines to be imported. If you leave it checked (skipping unplayable) the playlists are even leaner.
  7. I pulled up the hyperlist Sega Model 2 database (https://hyperlist.hyperspin-fe.com/) Their total shows 66 games. My full 0.198 import shows 34. I haven't cross-checked the entire list yet, but using Daytona as an example, their list has 8 versions. My LaunchBox entry shows the 4 versions, missing daytonat, daytonata, daytonagtx, and daytonam, all of which are in the MAME full set. Hope that helps
  8. Thanks for the response @RetroHumanoid After checking out my setup, I realized I had extracted all of the add-on themes to their own separate folder, which was the same name as the add-on folder. This left the actual theme folder nested inside another folder of the same name. BB couldn't find the necessary files. I re-extracted all of the add-ons and it all works great. Thanks!
  9. Hey guys. @RetroHumanoid this theme is AWESOME!! I'm having some trouble with the add ons. I've placed each add on folder in the main theme folder along with the default theme. When I change the platform theme with the Switch Theme key to the add on theme, I get the generic LB layouts. I tried following your instructions, did I miss something? Thanks
  10. And as I learned yesterday, these playlists use the auto-populate feature. If you edit these platform playlists, you can use the same logic to populate some other platforms like Sega Naomi and Sega Model 3.
  11. Asked and answered. Simple enough. Thanks. I know some unplayable roms in MAME are handled a bit better by other emulators so I was going looking to have the playlists created and manually change the emulator for the roms that run better outside of MAME. BTW, I love LB/BB. Thanks for all the work you've put into it.
  12. Great, I started creating some of the playlists that were missing. Thanks for the help. @Jason Carr is there a reason some arcade system playlists are not part of the automatic download and have to be crated manually?
  13. Ok, so I just reimported a full 0.198 set using the Full Set Import wizard. The options I used were: Import clones as additional apps, North American Region, and I unchecked "Skip games unplayable in MAME." All other boxes are checked, including the 3 playlist generation boxes at the bottom. LB says 7,840 games were imported. Below are the playlists that were generated and the game counts for each: 2 Player 1672 4 Player 1672 Arcade 7840 Atari Classics 143 Ball & Paddle 74 Beat Em Ups 251 Board & Card 3 Capcom Classics 153 CPS I 33 CPS II 37 CPS III 7
  14. Thanks, Nate. I'll give this another shot tonight. Did you change any of the other importer settings? Region, clones as separate apps, etc?
  15. I am having the same issue, I posted over in another thread. See below Many playlists missing and those that do show up are missing games. I have already tried including nonworking roms, but still no luck.
  16. Hey guys, I was just wondering if this issue was ever resolved. I have a full 0.198 set and I am missing a number of playlists and the playlists I do have seem to be missing a significant number of games. I have deleted the whole set and reimported multiple times. I am on LB version 8.9, and am using the MAME full set import wizard. I have tried various combination of options (North America vs World, include nonworking roms, all check boxes checked/unchecked. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  17. Thanks @latin625 I have a 27 inch 16:9 screen in my cabinet. I'll have to do something that is close to the width of the cabinet, but I also want to avoid using a marquee screen that dwarfs my gameplay monitor.
  18. Hey guys. I've been following the discussion. Does anyone have a recommendation for a marquee monitor?
  19. Jay, thanks for the help anyway. Agent47 did provide a solution which was to change the Target Name for each rom in the Rom Settings of the module. [Myst (CD Windows)] TargetName=myst-win I'm now trying to figure out a way to generate a target name for each of the roms in the set. Doing it manually would be too tedious.
  20. ScriptError - There was an error waiting for the window "ahk_class SDL_app". I think it has to do with the naming of the newer set which uses long names instead of the short ones but not sure.
  21. Hi Jay. Saw your video. Do you have any idea how to run via RL for the new 2.0 set? I have extracted all zips into my 7z extraction folder set in RL. I then added all unzipped folders to ScummVM which created the right ini. I'm getting an error when launching in RL and I think it has to do with long file names. I had 1.7 running fine, but that set used short names. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  22. I have tweaked my startup delay timing, but I cannot get it to stop looping multiple times before BB opens. Any suggestions?
  23. @nadonate @zetec-s-joe thanks for the feedback guys. I am running Windows 7, so no DVR for me. But I'll give joy2key and antimicro a shot.
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