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  1. Sorry about that. Check this one out.
  2. Here are some screenshots.
  3. It took a little while to tweak each game. I’ve only got a handful of fighting games so it didn’t take long.
  4. I just created some screenshots that I was about to send. But it looks like your well underway. I never had the iPac showing on mine by the way.
  5. Your on the right track. So the 2 virtual joysticks should be just used to map the iPac buttons and nothing else. At this point you should have 4 joysticks. 2 u360s and 2 virtual joysticks. Then x360ce is used to merge each pair together. That is map the u360 to the stick axis and then the vjoy buttons to the button input. I can’t remember if I had to do anything special for this to work,but, I can’t remember it being too much of an issue. Make sure both vjoys are enabled in the vjoy app. Maybe this is why you only see one in windows.
  6. You don’t need a special config. Just copy the x360ce files into the steam games executable directory and x360 gets called as the steam game starts. See attached example of sfv directory. Each steam game may need a slightly different x360ce config but there are plenty of resources that can be found with a google search. I personally use rocketlauncher to fire up my games/roms. This also starts vjoy for the specific games that require it. This is optional as vjoy can be started a windows startup also.
  7. Got it working with mkx, sfiv,sf5 and injustice.
  8. Hey @Fablog I have taken a few screen shots of my setup. 1. setup vjoy to create another joystick. in my case ive got 2 player controls using an ipac2 so I created 2 additional joysticks. The aim here is to basically map lets say P1 ipac keys to VJoy1(buttons) and P2 ipac keys to VJoy2(buttons) 2. once complete and Vjoy is running windows should now show you have 2 U360s and 2Vjoys. 3. I used x360ce(xbox 360 gamepad emulator) wih my pc/steam games to merge each u360 vjoy pair. Essentially each x360ce is combination of u360 for directional movement (stick axis) and vjoy for the buttons. I hope this helps.
  9. Hey@Fablog I’ve had that combo working reasonablly well with steam games that use an xbox360 controller input. It was a long time ago now. I’ll try fire up my machine tonight and brush up on what i did and get back to you.
  10. I have an ipac2 on my arcade cabinet and using Bigbox. I'm pretty much using it just with mame at the moment, but, can't image button mapping to be that different in retroarch. What specifically are you having issues with? I'd be happy to try and help.
  11. There should be a nice way to do it such as there is in mame for instance using the del key. Can you just modify the xml and remove the mapping?
  12. Hey kgold0 I've got a Cabinet and running a few steam fighting games. I've got a keyboard encoder and a pair of u360 sticks. I've mapped all my controls using x360ce which emulates an xbox360 controller and this tends to work rather well most steam games.
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