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  1. Hi Just wanted to say I started following your work recently you have done a beautiful Job thank you very much for the hours you put into this... Cheers!!!


    1. ABeezy13


      Thanks man I appreciate the kind words! Stay tuned for some more goodies coming hopefully soon!

    2. djweevil666


      It's np man you truly deserve it. Most of the art I've found in the other packs are really bad quality.

    3. djweevil666


      Hey can I ask you if something is stupid? I've been trying to make something nice and custom for my setup. I have been cleaning up ps2 covers and replacing logos and a bunc629928110_ArmoredCore3U-01.thumb.jpg.a7619cf60513fa6d94db0f416b9eea7a.jpg h of other stuff. Over sharpening things and making them look different. I've done about 50 so far. I redid the top bar the ntsc/pal part and all the logos trying to make the covers uniform. I used a program to upscale and sharpen then put it back using preserve detail. I want to know if this is a dumb idea.

      Blood Will Tell_ Tezuka Osamu_s Dororo-01.jpg

      Clock Tower 3 [U]-01.jpg

      Defender [U]-01.jpg

      Fatal Frame 3 - The Tormented [U]-01.jpg

      Armored Core - Silent Line [U]-01.jpg

      Armored Core 2 [U]-01.jpg

      Bloody Roar 3 [U]-01.jpg

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