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  1. Possible to get a large tranparent png of this recreated? Thank you for your help as always
  2. 3DO Custom Covers View File Hi guys I been working on this at night since they made weed legal. So far I have done 144 covers for the 3DO system. Images were found via internet. sites like ebay, amazon etc.. were used to try to source art. These covers are NOT 100% accurate some are not even close. No disrespect to any of the people who's pictures or cover art I have altered or reused. Anyone who would like to help finish these it would be awesome. I am personally missing the following. If anyone has these covers in good quality or are willing to make some nice alternate designs I would appreciate it. oceans below onside soccer the perfect general scramble cobra toon time ultraman Zhadnost olympic summer games Thank you to "spycat" for finding pebble beach golf artwork. Submitter djweevil666 Submitted 01/06/2020 Category Game Box Art  
  3. or a big version png would be good
  4. Couple of requests I need some svg's made I'm not very good at photoshop I was wondering if someone could recreate these 2 logos into svg and make them look like realish gold. I really appreciate your guys time. Thank You.
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